The Never Ending Bathroom Renovation: Part 483

Alright.  Not a whole lot has changed, but things will.  We’ve had quite the time trying to figure out the whole storage/sink/counter space conundrum.

We bought a sink cabinet at the Rebuilding Center for $35.  Technically, it fit.  My measurements were correct, but I didn’t take into consideration how much a full cabinet would fill the space.

Let me explain: The original sink was sitting in an open vintage sewing machine table. So when you sat on toilet, there was plenty of open space for your legs.  Now that we have this full cabinet with drawers and doors, there was no extra space.

We ditched it.  It just wasn’t going to work.  I was reluctant to ditch it because we put a lot of work into it.  It had been cut down to size, put on a riser, primed and painted.  Twice.  There was a bit of an issue with the paint, and it was painted twice.  And we had to have a countertop made, which was going to cost a bloody fortune because apparently I have expensive taste.  Anyhoo, it’s out of the picture now.

Once we made the decision to do away with the damn thing, we decided we’d go with a pedestal sink.  I like the look of a pedestal sink, but it provides absolutely no counter space or storage.  So I started looking for storage options.  If you’ll remember back to the beginning of all of this, there was a small chest of drawers in there for storage.  I liked the idea of that, so I did some looking around and found the perfect thing at Ikea.It’s just  a simple 3 drawer pine dresser.  I slapped some primer on it, then painted it about a half hour later.  I used Hearts of Palm from Sherwin Williams, and I lovelovelove it!  It came with wood knobs, but I picked up some brushed nickel hardware at Home Depot.  The finished product looks nothing like the original.  It’s perfect.Now for the tub.  The tub was an easier project than I thought it would be.  Rob got it out of the bathroom on his own one afternoon.  I primed it with a special rust resistant primer from Sherwin Williams, then painted it with a specific paint for metal surfaces in Cooled Blue.  This color is beautiful, seriously.  I love the contrast of the teal tub and the light blue walls.

We also had some electrical work done in there.  We had an exhaust fan put in, the main ceiling light rewired (the wires were exposed), had an outlet put in and the sconces spread out a little more.  OMG electrical work is SO EXPENSIVE.   It needed to be done, but holy Hello Kitty it was a lot.  With all that electrical work comes more work for us.  The electrician had to put a bunch of holes in the walls and ceiling to work, so there’s that.  But the work is done, and won’t need to be done ever again.

Now for all the things that still need to be done (in no particular order):

-Get a sink and install

-Replace the flooring (thinking about Marmoleum)

-Finish patching holes

-Texturize and paint over patchwork

-Hang mirror, towel rack and hooks

-Finish moulding

-Hang new light fixture

-Spray paint sconces (no the milk glass part, the metal part, brushed nickel) and hang

-Reinforce shower curtain rod

-Over the toilet storage

-Find fabric and make curtains

Is that it?  Good gravy, I hope so.

This has been such a great learning experience, but I’m really ready to stop learning and start using my new bathroom.


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