Max is allergic to nuts.

One of my biggest fears about having a child was them inheriting all my health issues, eczema (check!), psoriasis (still a possibility), horrible seasonal allergies (also still a possibility), lactose, cat, grass, dust mite allergies. Need I go on? I know what kind of hell it is to have to deal with these things (which is why I’m starting my allergy shots in August) and I didn’t want my child to grow up with the same.

But here we are faced with an allergy foreign even to me, nuts. It all started a couple weeks back when I gave Max a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. I noticed that wherever the peanut touched he was red and had broken out in hives. Then it clicked. He was having allergic reaction. I gave him benadryl and consulted both my mom and Dr. Google. Both said the same: an allergy to peanut butter will get worse the more you’re exposed to it. So it made total sense that he would break out on this, about the 5th time he’s ever had peanut butter.

So this morning we went to the allergist to confirm what we pretty much already knew. He had the very same patch test done as I did (and he took it like a cowboy, I was truly impressed), and it became quite clear early on that he was indeed allergic to not just peanuts, but all nuts. He had less severe reactions to nuts like pecans and walnuts, but it was still there. Luckily he showed no signs of seasonal allergies or allergies to animals and dust…yet. The doctor said he very well could grow into those.The photo on the left was taken shortly after the test started. The one on the right was about midway through and you can see the reaction getting worse.

I knew what the outcome of the appointment would be, but it still sucks. I’m just so sad for him that he’ll never be able to enjoy these things. I mean, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is every kids favorite! And pecan pie! I love making pecan pie for Thanksgiving dessert! And pistachios, omg pistachios. And a Snickers bar, and rocky road ice cream and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups! All these wonderfully delicious things he’ll never be able to enjoy. I know he won’t know what he’s missing, but it still makes me sad. He’s going to be that kid in class who can’t participate in the birthday cupcakes of a classmate because they “may have been made” in a place where there are nuts.

We were sent home with lots of information on label reading things like that as well as an epipen (that we will hopefully never EVER have to use). I have a lot of reading to do to educate myself on making sure he isn’t exposed to nuts.

I know he’ll grow up just fine not being able to eat nuts, and I know we’ll handle this just fine and live life as normal, but it still sucks.


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