Trying to find the motivation

I’m tired, even though I got a full nights sleep last night (and have for the last few weeks!).  I don’t feel like doing anything I actually want to do.  I’ve got so many ideas for craft projects, house projects, things to do with Max.  And every day I have such a hard time remembering what these things are. Or! Or! I just don’t have the time during the day, and then when I do have the time I’d rather get lost in the magnificent world that is Game of Thrones (seriously, can’t get enough of that show).

I take photos every single day, and yet I find reasons to not post them.  I think I just expect too much from myself.  I beat myself up if something doesn’t turn out exactly how I imagined.  I’m trying to work on that.Everyone experiences this.  This slump, this funk.  There’s just no easy way out, but I know one day I’ll be out of it and I’ll think to myself Now what was all that about anyway?


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