This is the one where I whine about the whining.

Every day, without fail, Max wakes up from a nap all whiny.  Making ehhhhhhh eeehhhhhhhhhhh noises that grind my nerves almost as much as chewing tin foil.  Yes, it is that bad, and no, I’m not being dramatic at all.

It’s usually right before dinner where I lose my shit.  I’m trying to cook dinner and he’s clinging to my legs like a little koala, but somehow not as cute.  I assume all children do this, and if you tell me differently I won’t believe you.  My question is this Does it ever stop?  Will there ever be a day without the whining?  Golly, I sure do hope so.  Otherwise the wine is going to be flowing all the live long day.


6 thoughts on “This is the one where I whine about the whining.

  1. I remember posting a status when Sylvia was around that age about how Sylvia’s whine had won the battle with my sanity. She definitely still whines, but now I say–Sylvia say that again, and she will. So that’s a step.

    • Yeah I keep telling myself “I know it’ll be better when he can talk, and he can actually tell me what’s wrong”. I also know that that is entirely untrue and I’ll be singing this very song when that time comes;)

  2. Erin

    Luke is like, 25, and he still whines a lot. Adam’s 28 and he’s a lot better. So somewhere between there, you can expect to get a break.

    • Well, I’m 28 too (Adam and I are only a day apart!) and I’m clearly still whining, but at least it’s not a high pitched shrill sound anymore, right?

  3. My son is the EXACT same way. You’d think I woke him up from his nap by dumping a bucket of water on his head. Dinner prep time is the worst. He doesn’t understand that I have to actually make the food before he can eat it. My daughter was never like that, so I think it is a boy thing (side eye to the boy in my uterus) and I hope it ends…SOON!

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