Summa Times: Popsicles!

You what one of the best things about the Summa Times is?  Popsicles!  Ice cold, frozen deliciousness.  Just the perfect snack for a hot afternoon (Even if that hot afternoon only got to the mid 70’s.  It’s Oregon.  We’ll take what we can get.).

This is just what we did a few days ago, and Max had his first popsicle, blue raspberry flavored.It started out OK……then he freaked out.  Maybe he got brain freeze?  But he quickly got over it.And then Diego got a little popsicle action.  Gross.He needed a little bit of help to finish the very last bit, and in the end I think he liked it.

Side note: How freaking adorable is he in the bottom right photo above?  I mean, his eyes match his popsicle goatee!Many, many more Summa Times adventures to come.  Stay Tuned!


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