15 Months Old

Saturday, the 30th marked the big fifteener.  Fifteen months old.  Geez, where does the time go?This last month has brought on many new things like the discovery of his nut allergy, walking pretty much on his own, climbing, and a sudden fear of things that he never feared before (like the chickens and this dinosaur flashlight that makes a ROOOAAAAARRR! sound when you turn it on.).  He’s becoming more gentle, especially with the dogs.  Don’t get me wrong, he still has it out for Rita for some reason, but he actually pets her softly and tries to cuddle her.

He points at everything.  He points and says “Eh?”.  I try to guess what it is he’s pointing at and tell him “Yes, that’s a tree” or “That’s a pooping dog”.  His curiosity is growing by the minute.

We’ve started going to a baby sing along class at the Sellwood Community Center and it’s kind of fun.  There’s a handful of kids his age there and they all, Max included, run around the entire time while us parents sing the songs.

We’ve survived yet another round of teething, which makes for a total of 12.  This last one was his fourth  molar.  There was a bout with a stomach bug and a head cold, but he came through like a trooper.  I came through covered in snot and smelling like vomit.These photos are super hard to get especially now that he’s walking.  Rob has to be around to grab his attention so he doesn’t wander off.  I tell ya, this Max is not a baby anymore.  He’s a little boy through and through.  Covered in dirt and food and bruises and scratches and a crazy untamable head of golden hair.  And I love every bit of it.


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