DIY Chair Redo

This is one of two chairs that have been sitting in the basement for years. It belonged to Rob’s parents and they didn’t have room for it at their new place so it became ours.

I had been thinking of what I’d like to do with this particular one for a while when one day it hit me. ORANGE.

Let’s start from the beginning of the process, shall we?The seat was covered with the same, but extremely faded, fabric as the curtains in our bedroom. After I took the seat off I noticed that one of the corners wasn’t fitting quite right so I grabbed the wood glue and fixed it as best I could. Then came the sanding. I should’ve just used the electric belt sander, I would’ve gotten a smoother, more even end result.Now here’s the fun part, spray painting. I don’t know why I like it so much (it’s not the fumes, ya jerks). I primed it and painted it in the same afternoon. I actually had to go get a second can of orange.

The time between painting and upholstering the seat was about two weeks, because once again I can’t get a project done in a timely manner to save my life.

I found the seat fabric at Fabric Depot and had a 40% coupon so it only cost me about $6 for the 1/3 of a yard I got. I also got two other pieces of fabric I found in the scrap section and I’ve got some ideas for those which will hopefully come to fruition soon. While at Fabric Depot I also picked up some fancy ‘No Foam’ seat foam. I don’t know, it was all environmentally friendly and stuff, and I liked the way it felt, I think it was like $9.Cutting that foam down to size was a pain in my ass I tell ya. I almost sliced my fingers off only about 24 times. Once I had my foam cut I laid out my fabric and positioned it to where I wanted it to sit on the seat and cut. Now this next part was a pain for a few reasons. 1) All three of our staple guns were broken. 2) I couldn’t get the old staples out, they were embedded into the wood. 3) I’m afraid of staple guns and possibly shooting staples into myself (this may be irrational). I ended up buying my own staple gun that Rob is not allowed to use (even though he’s technically not allowed to use any of my tools, but I am constantly finding MY TOOLS in his workspace). I met my staple gun fear face to face and I’m happy to say I was unscathed in the end. Stapling the corners was a little tricky, and they do look a little sloppy but it’s my first time so I think it’s OK. I trimmed the excess fabric off the edges and I was done with my first upholstering project.

All that was left to do was to put the seat back on. So I did, and here’s the final product:I know orange is a very harsh color, but holy cheese and crackers I love it.

Cost Breakdown:




Spray Paint-$8

Primer-Already had

Staple Gun-$10


This was so close to costing less than $20, but the purchase of the staple gun (which I’ll use many, many more times) and a second can of orange spray paint is what threw me overboard.

I’m thinking that it will eventually live in the guest room with a side table that I’ll get around to fixing up soon. For now she’ll be sittin’ pretty in the living room.


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