16 Months Old

Sweet 16 (as of yesterday, the 30th). And it is sweet. Kind of.Some significant things that happened in the last month: Another bloody lip. This one was by far the worst. He fell and tore his top gums, it was a huge gash and it kept opening up for a few days following. He started walking, officially. He came down with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, and that was super fun. He started getting up in the six o’clock hour, so now I get up in the six o’clock hour. Yeesh. There are tantrums, and I’ve realized they usually occur when I won’t let him walk around on his own without holding my hand. I’m looking into a harness (a child’s leash, and I don’t wanna hear any lip about it).(that top right photo was taken not long after his bloody lip incident, and that’s blood around his mouth)

We’re working on weaning him off the pacifier, only giving it to him when he sleeps or if he’s super duper upset. He was without me for a whole weekend, and was not happy with me when I got home. I walked in the door and he was eating lunch. He saw me and started sobbing real tears. I picked him up and he pushed me away and reached for Rob. He was mad at me for being gone, and rightfully so. I hadn’t felt bad about leaving him until that moment. It’ll be easier when he’s older and able to understand what’s happening. But I’m glad we got our first separation out of the way.

Max started brushing his teeth. He’s got 12 of them now and when he watched us brush our teeth he would want to do it too. I got him some training toothpaste that’s OK to swallow and fluoride free.And my most favorite thing the boy does now is finds noses. I know most of you are rolling your eyes, but it is downright adorable.

We say “Max where’s your nose?” or “Max where’s Mama’s nose?”. He takes his little finger and touches his nose. ADORABLE.I can’t believe he’s nearly a year and a half old. This is happening too fast. I mean, next thing I know he’ll be asking us to borrow money so he can go ‘get lost’ in Europe or something.


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