17 Months Old

17 months old looks like this:Messy yogurt hair, bruised knees and forehead, dirt under his fingernails, and who knows what on his face.

He’s full of sass and charm and is learning that that will not always get him what he wants.  He’s testing his boundaries day by day and sometimes making our days a little tougher than they should be, but we manage.He’s learning so much.  He’s picking up sign language really well, which is a big help because he chooses to not learn any actual words.  We’re using the Baby Signing Time DVDs.  They’re working really well, and the songs are infectious.  I find myself singing them in my head throughout the day.  It’s incredible to see him figure these things out.  When I say Max, let’s go outside!, he goes and stands by the door doing his little happy feet dance with a big ‘ol grin on his face.  If I say Let’s go brush our teeth!, he runs to the bathroom.  It’s pretty awesome.  He even brings us our shoes like a good little boy should.  One day I’ll have him refilling my wine glass.He’s had yet another trip to urgent care, this time for an eardrum rupture.  It really seems like kids are just always sick, like there’s always something.  It’s not always like this, is it?Some favorite things of his recently are blueberries, sunglasses, playing chase in the backyard, brushing his teeth (it’s crazy how much he loves doing this), watching the sign language dvd, drinking milk from an open cup, scrunching up his little nose and giving the toothiest grin, and listening for and pointing at airplanes in the sky.  And staying up past his bedtime.

And being a monster.


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