Dear Diary February 4, 1997

*A couple of months ago my mom was cleaning out her attic and found a few boxes of mine.  One box was full of my old journals and Teen magazines and their posters that once graced my walls.  I don’t remember writing most of these.  I thought it would be hilarious and humiliating to share some of my old journal entries.  Here we go!*

February 4, 1997

OK.  My parents said I can date and I want to but I don’t because everyone kisses now.  I don’t want to, maybe a little kiss on the cheek but NO further.

My dad always gets after me for my homework.  I think it’s quality work but noooo.  Not according to him.  I hate it.

So, I was 13 and clearly I was a good little Catholic child and I was afraid of giving into temptation, because OMG kissing leads to everything bad!  And how cool was my celestial moon journal?  My dad always proofread my homework and would help me make changes.  I was never super great at writing papers (my brother got the book smarts) and in high school my dad actually wrote a few of my papers, after I had written them.  He would proof read them and in the morning before school I’d find a newly written paper.  Those were the ones I got good grades on.


One thought on “Dear Diary February 4, 1997

  1. That’s awesome! I would be mortified to find an old diary. My parents actually printed out all of the emails I sent them during college. I read some of them the last time I was home. The things I shared my freshman year when I was really homesick are so embarrassing….

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