19 Months Old

Chasing the dogs, while shrieking the highest pitch shriek you can imagine.  Stomping in muddy puddles and getting his clothes completely filthy.  Breaking crayons.  Refusing to eat what we’ve given him.  Taking his shirt off.  Throwing all the pillows off the couch.  Sitting on the dogs.  Spinning in circles ’til he falls down.  These are just a few of things that happen on a daily basis now.  19 months old is no cake walk.Don’t get me wrong, he’s fantastic and (for the most part) a joy to be around, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to communicate.  He gets frustrated easily when we don’t know what he wants and in turn we get frustrated.  He’s had the first three evaluating speech therapy appointments and now he’s on the wait list and who knows when he’ll be able to get in.  In the meantime we’ve got tools that the speech therapist gave us to work with him.That hair.  That tangled, yogurt-y mess of hair.  I’ve been waiting to cut his hair until after Halloween (I’ll post about that soon!) because I wanted it to be long for his costume.  Well, that’s over and now I’m feeling anxious about it.  It’s silly.  It’s hair.It was quite the struggle to get photos this month and I can’t imagine it’ll get any easier.  I am glad you can’t see his nasty lip.  He took a spill off the couch the other day and busted his bottom lip open.  It’s healing nicely and it doesn’t seem to bother him at all, thankfully.  I’ve lost count of how many bloody lips he’s had.  He’s only 19 months old and I can only imagine watch that means for the future.  Broken arms and legs?  Stitches?  Oy.We’re going a little stir crazy here in the house with the rains having arrived and all.  So, we’re working on getting the basement cleaned up so I can create a play area for the boy down there.  It’s a big area so it’ll be a nice place to run around and throw things, I’m sure.  Until it’s ready we’ll be hanging out upstairs trying not to claw each other’s eyes out.

Happy 19 Months Monster!


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