Halloween Festivities

Last weekend I was able to get out of the house, dressed up as a sexy chicken (more on that in a minute), and go to a party. My friend Kris V. threw a party at her place, and as usual upped the anty on Halloween decorating. Up until I got pregnant Rob and I threw the parties, and since then she’s picked up the slack.Now for an explanation on my costume: My friend Joy and I were originally planning on going all out and dressing as Sarah (me) and Jareth (Joy) from Labyrinth. That has always been a Halloween dream of mine but this year we were both so busy with grown up life things that it just wasn’t in the cards. Next year though, IT’S ON. We were discussing what we should dress as instead and I, jokingly, said let’s be sexy chickens! She said ok. Because what’s more unsexy? Ok, a lot of things but chickens aren’t sexy. And more and more all you see is sexified costumes that are flat out disgusting. So that was that. I got a feather boa, yellow tights and yellow rubber gloves and threw it all together the afternoon before the party. I looked completely ridiculous, and fabulous.I left fairly early on because I had to work at 8:00 the next morning and I wanted to be responsible and not pass out on my second day on the job. I had a great time and as always I envy all my friends’ creativity.

Now for actual Halloween night: Max was Elvis. And it was AWESOME. When Max was about a week old our friend Chris Faux bought him the Elvis jumpsuit and it finally fit him. All I had to do was bedazzle it. I glued every single one of those damn gems on there and within minutes of him wearing it they were coming off and I was not happy, to say the least. I re-glued them back on, this time with Gorilla Glue, right before taking photos of him. And that just went so swimmingly. NOT. It went terribly. It had been raining all day (duh.) and all Max wanted to do was stomp in puddles.These are the best photos I got and they’re not great. But I’m going to beat myself up on my photography until the day I die. The bottom right would’ve been alright if I had FOCUSED ON HIM AND NOT THE GROUND. His costume was a mess, he was irritated that I kept trying to make him stay still. I was irritated that his costume was a mess and that he wouldn’t stay still. Even though it wasn’t going my way he still looked fabulous and I still got to live out another dream: Dress my kid up as Elvis.

We took him trick-or-treating. We only went to 4 houses and it was really only for the sake of taking photos and to show him off. The first house we went to was our next door neighbor’s, Melissa. And since he’s been there before when she opened the door he just walked right in. I explained to him that he can’t just walk in to people’s houses and I’m sure he understood.After the first house he caught on to what this was all about. He held out his little pumpkin until candy was put in it and it was precious. Sadly though 99% of the candy he got had peanuts in it. Not that we would give him any, but if we wanted to, we couldn’t.


So people, keep in mind allergies when handing out candy. OR! Instead of candy hand out something else like stickers or in my mother in law’s case #2 pencils (Seriously, everyone in the neighborhood loved getting her pencils). I know there are a lot of allergies out there but if we can do anything to prevent a possible accidental exposure to someone like a child, let’s do it.

And with that, Halloween 2012 is in the books.

Check out past Halloweens here: 2009, 2010 apparently I was too busy being pregnant to blog it, 2011, and this post I wrote last year about past Halloweens. Enjoy!


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