Whine, whine, whine. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sometimes I think too much and I get myself worked up over something that hasn’t even happened yet, or won’t ever happen. And sometimes I do that so much that I am constantly on the verge of a panic attack. I think about how the holidays are coming up and my birthday, and Rob’s birthday and a bunch afriends birthdays (SO MANY SAGITTARIANS) and doctors appointments for Max and me (Because have I mentioned that joy that is cystocele or prolapsed bladder?  Thanks pregnancy and childbirth!).  Andandandandandandand…….And our old house still hasn’t sold. And it’s depressing and sad and awful how things are ending with it. And I’m tired and my back hurts and when I’m at work I miss my Max, sometimes so much that it hurts, and when I’m at home (sometimes) I just want to be away.But for all my whining and complaining, or let’s just call it venting, I’ve sure got a lot to be thankful for.  And after all it is the time of year where everyone proclaims their gratitude towards others.  So here’s the part where I do that very thing.  A huge, gigantic Thank You to Rob’s parents who saved our asses from becoming homeless. And Thank You to my mom who has helped keep me sane and who reminds me that I’m doing a good job at being a mom. And Thank You to my husband who has really stepped up since I’ve gone back to work and who puts up with my straight bitchiness. And Thank You to my friends, my hand picked family, because there are some conversations that can only be had with a group of girls sharing a $3 bottle of chardonnay. And there’s Max. That guy. Sometimes I can’t believe he’s mine and I really do feel so damn lucky. And Thank You to you guys, my readers.  I don’t expect much from this little blog but the support that I’ve gotten from you guys does not go unnoticed and I thank you for being there for me.

***I took these photos with the hope that Max would cooperate and smile sweetly at the camera with the brightly colored leaves behind him, like last year, but no such luck. We’ll get it next year, Max!***


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