21 Months Old

I swear this kid has grown 6 inches in the last few weeks.  HE’S SO TALL.  He’s easily grabbing his cup off of the kitchen counter and off the top of the yellow hutch.  I don’t even have to roll up all of his pants anymore!  21MonthsOld_04We’re calling his first word: Eat.  Or Eeeaa, rather.  The “T” isn’t quite there yet.  But when he’s hungry he signs eat and says “Eeea, eeea, eeea!  We’ve also been working on animal sounds with him.  So far he knows cow, dog, cat (the most adorable one, by far.), pig and we’re introducing bird.  Such a smart boy I tell you.21MonthsOld_03December was a busy month for the Max, with mine and Rob’s birthdays and Christmas and visitors.  I think his favorite was having his Aunt Katrina in town.  I swear those two have had a connection since he was in the womb.  Christmas was great and he got some super fun toys like a train set!  Oh boy does he love that train set.  And his Brobee hat.  I find it so ironic that the kid loves hats so much considering his aversion after all the helmet stuff.21MonthsOld_02The boy has also been sick.  He and Rob had the cold that’s been going around and now it’s turning into a chest thing.  I’ll be calling his doctor tomorrow to see what can be done about this nasty cough and hoarse little voice of his.21MonthsOld_01He’s still quite a handful, especially in public, and he and I still struggle sometimes to meet in the middle, but we’re doing alright.  He’s so fun to be around and to play with.  I just love this guy.21MonthsOldMonthByMonth


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