My kid gave me a black eye.

There we were, all three of us laying in our bed (our KING SIZE BED! Thanks mom!) watching tv, being an adorable little family, when BAM! It happened.

Max had sat up in front of me and flung his head directly into my face, landing on top of my cheek bone, just below my eye. All I could do was cry. The pain, oh the pain. I could feel a knot forming and I could see my face swelling.BlackEye_01Rob attempted to explain to him what he had done and why I was crying but he didn’t really understand. He could tell I was upset, and he kept pointing to my mascara-tear streaked face. This all happened about two hours before we were supposed to meet my family for my brother’s birthday dinner. Rob, being the fantastic husband/father/man that he is, offered to stay at home with Max so I could go out and enjoy myself and have a breather. It was just what I needed.

That was Saturday. Since then my face has been transformed into a colorful display of bruises. LOVELY!BlackEyeThe bruising is continuing down my cheek and up in between the bridge of my nose and my eye. I try my best to cover it up with makeup, but it still shows through, that pretty, pretty purple!

From now on I’m always on defense when Max is around. No more of this abuse I tell you! NO MORE.


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