That time I pretended to be a model.

My BFF, Joy, is in hair design school at the Aveda Institute of Portland.  In fact, she graduates in a matter of days!  About two months ago she needed to present her senior project which was create a hairstyle and have her model photographed and can you believe Joy asked little old me to be her model?!  Of course I said yes, because I’ve always wanted to put what I’ve learned on ANTM to good use.

I was pretty nervous when it came time to actually be in front of the camera I was feeling pretty shaky/nervous/panicky.  I pretended Jay Manuel was there giving me direction and I thought to myself What would Tyra do?  hair_03Me and eyebrows just don’t mix.hair_01hair_02It feels really weird to be throwing all these pictures of myself up here but I’m making myself do it.  Sharing these with the world is a little out of my comfort zone but I’m doing it anyway, because why the hell not?  So here you go world!  My first (And probably last.  I belong behind the camera.) modeling gig.

Thank you Joy for asking me to be your model and making me prettyprettypretty!

Hair and makeup by Joy Bush.  Photos Copyright Ben Z. Mund.


One thought on “That time I pretended to be a model.

  1. Erin,
    Joy did a great job not only on the hairstyle, but also of the makeup. I used to do makeup back in the ’70s when I worked for a beauty supply distributor here in LA and took many Color Me Beautiful classes to teach the techniques to the salons I used to call on. Excellent job. She made you look like a porcelain doll. Absolutely stunning.

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