Fish, Birds, a Graduation and a Baby Elephant

Did you guys know Portland has a new aquarium?  It’s called the Portland Aquarium, go figure, and we went there last week.  Holy Elvis, did Max have a good time.  This kid looooooooooved it.  Aquarium_01He kept signing ‘fish’ and saying “Woooooow”.  It.  Was.  Precious.Aquarium_02There was a big tank with sting rays, fish and small sharks, including the cutest, tiniest baby hammerhead shark ever.  Every time a sting ray came by there were squeals of delight.  Then there were the Lorikeets.  Max loves looking at birds.  Every day we spend time looking out the living room window watching the birds eat out of the bird feeders.  And at the aquarium Max got to hold a bird.  And Rob got his beard cleaned.

Also last week my BFF Joy graduated from the Aveda Institute of Portland in hair design.  Remember I was her model?  They flashed my picture on the big screen and it was weird for me.  But now my Joy is a career woman with a grown up job!  I was so honored to be a part of her day and watch her accomplish her dreams and be her guinea pig.JoyGradSo on Monday when Max wouldn’t nap I told Rob I couldn’t just sit around the house because the weather was beautiful and we couldn’t waste it.  So, we went to the zoo.  We hadn’t been to the zoo since the new baby elephant, Lily, was born in November.  The elephant house was our first stop.  OMG BABY ELEPHANT LILY IS THE GREATEST EVER.  She waved to us!  With her trunk and foot!  I think I enjoyed the elephants the most.

Zoo_01Max, however, had a blast with the penguins.  We were the only ones in the penguin habitat and this one was following Max’s finger, zipping around.  It was great.  My only disappointment with the zoo was that the line for elephant ears was incredibly long.  How about you guys have more than one snack shack open at a time, huh zoo?  Next time, Erin, next time.

Let’s see, what else.  We’ve been doing a lot of playing.  A lot of puzzles, mega blocks, dinosaurs, coloring, Mr. Potato Head and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (Which is just my way of trying to curb his appetite for Elmo.  Not that Elmo’s bad, it’s just that I can only take so much of Elmo’s World, AND They Might Be Giants does the music for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so that makes it more tolerable.)Max_01The rains are back which blows.  Especially on days when little boys don’t nap.  CABIN FEVER.  So, that’s what we’ve been up to.  I’ll bet your life hasn’t been nearly as exciting as ours.


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