Big Kid Things: The First Haircut Edition

It finally happened. I let Joy cut Max’s hair. It needed to be done. Lately he’s been wiping it out of his face with his hands and while it’s adorable when he does that, it’s a nuisance to him. So this is what Joy had to deal with:Haircut_06A mane of golden curls. Max did A-MAZING. Seriously, this kid was totally fine with this. The only time he got whiny was towards the end when he was covered in hair, he doesn’t care much for messes. Joy did a fabulous job. FABULOUS. My almost two year old looks like a little boy and not a wild toddler with parents who don’t care about what his hair looks like!Haircut_03Haircut_04I didn’t cry. I was so happy and amazed and stunned by how friggin cute my kid is. LOOK AT HIM.Haircut_05A grown little boy! After a while of staring at him I remembered a picture of my dad as a baby, maybe a little younger than Max is now.

Haircut_02There’s a slight resemblance. Max is definitely a Brown.Haircut_01Here’s a before and after for comparison. Yes, I kept the chopped off hair.


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