22 Months Old

22Months_01This is about how well our photo shoots go now.  That last one sums up how I feel about the whole thing.

So 22 months, huh?  This is the big time toddler big leagues.  Some days go swimmingly, with hardly an outburst.  And most days are up and down, good and bad, right and wrong and a lot of questioning of my parenting skills.  It’s rough, you guys.  But not impossible, because look!  We’re all still alive!  And that’s the most important thing, right?

Ok, moving on.

Big things this month: A word!  A real word!  He says “Yeah”.  Please know that this was not one taught on purpose, he just happened to pick it up.  Sometimes we ask him a question just so we can hear him say yeah.  Another big thing: Croup.  He got croup and it was awful.  The barking coughing sound coming over the monitor was horrific and reminded me of that commercial about smoking around babies (Who thinks that’s even kind of OK?).  Another big thing:  Max witnessed his first Presidential Inauguration.  I made him watch it.  One day he’ll thank me.  Final big thing:  First haircut.  This was BIG.  Every day I look at him and I think “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”.  SO.  CUTE.  Oh yeah!  He also gave me a black eye!

We also visited the Aquarium, the zoo and had a visit from his cousin Asher.22Months_0222Months_0322MonthsOldMonthByMonth22MonthsSo close to 2.  Somebody hold me.


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