February 18th 2005

It was a Friday.  I had been picked up from work at The Shutterbug by a friend and we headed straight to the bar.  We had  been hanging out at a karaoke joint every weekend, Suki’s, and I had turned 21 two months prior so no opportunity to consume insane amounts of Jack & Coke could be turned down.

I was wearing my black “old lady skirt” that went below the knee, my hair was sloppily pulled back into a librarian’s low bun, and the only makeup I was wearing was powder and mascara.  NO CONCEALER.

As we walked into the bar this guy was singing Elvis Presley’s Devil in Disguise.  I’m in love.

I have probably too many drinks, and think it’s a great idea to pull out my Nikon Coolpix 4800 (4 megapixels!) camera and as this mystery guy is singing Tragedy by the Bee Gees I snap a photo.  And I wish I could find the print to show you.

He probably noticed the bright white flash directed at him, so the next time I went to the bar he went too.  While he was too nice to mention the whole paparazzi thing he did say things that I don’t remember and I said that I wanted him to sing Elvis’s Little Sister.  He said he would, but he had to bring a friend home because he was the DD.

I hopehopehoped he would come back and he did.  He was called to the microphone as Dr. Love (swoon!) and he sang Little Sister.  I think I danced.  Or flailed about drunkenly.  We danced to the last song of the night, Time of the Season by the Zombies, sung by his friend, Milo.  Before we parted ways he hugged me and gave me an empty pack of Camel cigarrettes.  On it there was a little word bubble that said “Joe the Camel thinks you’re cute and so do I”, and his phone number.  I turned around grabbed my very own empty pack of Camel cigarrettes and wrote my phone number on it.

The next day at work I got a phone call from an unfamiliar number, or was it a text?  I don’t remember.  Either way, he said that he was going to a friend’s birthday at the Galaxy, another karaoke bar, and that I should go.

I called Katrina, because obviously.  She picked me up from work and we went to Target to get me a cheap date outfit.  Because I FINALLY HAD A DATE.  Did I mention that I was always the single girl?  Yeah.  So I got these cute gray and blue plaid capris and a blueish top and dolled myself up.  If it wasn’t already clear, I didn’t drive yet.  So Katrina dropped me off on my date and we had arranged the whole If I was having a bad time I’d call her and she’d rescue me thing. But I didn’t need to.

He showed up a little bit after I did and he ordered whatever I was having (a Jack & Coke) and I quickly learned that he didn’t really drink.  I was so nervous.  I had never really dated before, so I guess this was my first ever really official date.  I met his friends, we danced and at one point while someone was singing David Bowie’s Modern Love (one of my favorite songs) he kissed me.  And this was the first ever photo that was taken of “Us”.Erin&RobsFirstDateAnd that’s the story of how I met my husband, Rob.

Photo taken by Greg Bigoni at his birthday party/Erin and Rob’s First Date.  Thanks Greg!


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