Austin Adventure Part 1

Before Katrina moved to Austin in August of 2010 I vowed to visit her as much as possible.  Then I found out I was pregnant and that kind of changed any traveling plans.  So now that Max is at an age where he doesn’t need me around all the time and Katrina is planning on moving back here this summer, I figured I should go visit her to see where the hell she’s been all this time.  Luckily I bought my ticket at the right time only $200 round trip.  What I didn’t know was that I had planned to go the first weekend of SXSW.

Remember how I was all super anxious about this trip and about flying and all of that business?  Well I was pretty much fine.  I flew there and back without any issues, and I actually enjoyed it.  I had little moments of anxiety here and there but nothing like before, so yay!Austin_01On the way there I started watching Downton Abbey on the Kindle Fire and was immediately sucked in.  I don’t even know why though, because all those people do is sit around and look fancy and change their clothes.  But I drank the Kool Aid and now I’m drunk.

I arrived there early Friday afternoon and as I walked past the TSA guy he said “Oh, she’s doing the happy dance”.  He had been watching Katrina wait for me.  The weather was just like Portland, which is not normal for Texas.  It was chilly, for Texas, and drizzly, like Portland.  Trina drove me around and showed me places and we ended up eating at what was her Grandpa’s favorite Mexican restaurant, Matt’s El Rancho.  We both had enchiladas and a strawberry margarita.  They also had mole salsa which was really good.  The next night we had Mexican food again, I forge the name of the place though, and I had deeeelicious margarita there as well as enchiladas (the best of the trip).Austin_02On Saturday the goal was crawfish.  I wanted boiled crawfish.  We went to the Shoal Creek Saloon where Katrina’s friend, Jana, met us and together we put away a heap of crawfish.Austin_03HOLY WOW.  It was sooooooo good.  This place also had Abita Purple Haze on tap.  It was perfect.  I got to teach the girls how to peel open a crawfish and suck the heads.

After lunch Trina took me down to South Congress, which is the boutique-y hip street.  The Hawthorne equivalent to Portland.  I got Rob a cowboy belt and I got myself a real SNOWBALL.  We also attempted to explore downtown a bit but it was full of SXSW-ers and streets were closed off and everyone looked like they were in a band.  So we vetoed that.Austin_04I had a Tiger’s Blood snowball and Trian had Birthday Cake.  If I had a ton of money I’d bring real snowballs (and daquiris for that matter) to Portland.  YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE MISSING PORTLAND.

Stay tuned for our (slightly intoxicated) San Antonio trip.


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