Easter with the Family

Easter.  When I think of Easter I think of getting together with family, dressing up, and having a nice dinner.  And also waking up to a basket of treats brought in the night by a bunny.  Max was visited by the Easter Bunny this year, three times.  He got THREE Easter baskets.  In them were cars, magnet toys, bubbles, and play-doh, little boy underwear (SO CUTE OMG), a pop up book and a stuffed Dumbo.  Easter_04It was a lovely afternoon spent with our family.  We had a delicious dinner in the backyard and it was just the best.  You know those days where you throw together last minute gatherings and they turn out to be really great and perfect?  It was that.  Stress free and full of happy people and things like mimosas and in Max’s case blueberries to lick off of the table.Easter_03And to make up for the not so great photos taken of us the day before at Max’s party, I had my mom snap a few of us real quick, and I’m glad I did.Easter_01Easter_02They’re not perfect, but they kind of are.  Max will never stand still and smile.  One of us will always have a ridiculous face, and that’s ok.  As long as the lighting is good and we’re being ourselves the photos will come out great, just like they did.  But good gravy I wish this kid would take one good photo for me.  Is that really too much to ask?

Hope your Easter was great!


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