Max has a sixth sense.

It was the day that the gun control legislation was blocked, two days after the tragedy in Boston, and I, like everyone else, was glued to the internet and news. I was checking up on various sites while Max sat in my lap. I opened up the Huffington Post, and if you’re at all familiar with that site you know that the front page is always headed with a large image and headline. Well, this particular image was made up of photos of all the victims of the Newtown tragedy, the article being about the gun control bill being blocked. And then this happened:

Max pointing to the screen, says: Baby.

Me: Yeah, honey. Those are babies.

Max: (Signs Sleep)

Me: Yeah, they are asleep honey.

Me on the inside: OMFG WHAT. (Also: goosebumps and chills)

I closed the computer and I hugged my baby.
How did he know? Do kids get these things? Did he actually know? Or was he just being a baby and saying and signing random things? It was slightly unnerving and I still get goosebumps thinking about it. Maybe he’ll grow up and reboot the Psychic Friends Network.



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