Big Kid Things: The Big Boy Bed Edition

We knew this was coming, but neither of us were prepared for how it came about.

Last week, as Rob was just getting home from work at 3:40 am, Max woke up screaming.  We went into his room comforted him and put him back to bed and left.  About a minute later we hear a THUMP, followed by the pitter patter of a flat footed two year old.  When I turned the corner in the hallway to go to his room I was greeted with sad little boy.  I picked him up, put him back in his bed and within seconds he had swung his leg over the rail and was out.  SHIT.

You see, he had a nightmare.  He kept saying “tat” (cat) and pointing to his closet.  We have no cats, as I am allergic, and he is harboring no strays in his room.  He spent the rest of the night and the next night, in our bed with us for the first time ever.

Naps have been hit or miss. I think he’s napped only once in the last five days.  And he’s been staying up waaaay too late, especially with the 4th and all the fireworks.

So, instead of fighting him to stay in his crib any longer we took the rail off and made his bed a big boy bed.  His first night in it was the night of the 4th.  He hadn’t napped, we had a party and watched fireworks.  Needless to say he was pooped by his 11:00 bedtime.  So he passed out while I was reading to him.  The following nights were not as easy.BigBoyBedThe combination of no naps and still being scared of this fictitious cat have made for a very upset boy.  Bedtime, for now, consists of myself or Rob laying or sitting next to his bed until he falls asleep.  And the same is done when he wakes up at 1:00 and 2:30 in the morning.

Do you have any tips for us to make this transition easier? Or to help us reassure him that there is no cat?  I really don’t know what to do with that.


2 thoughts on “Big Kid Things: The Big Boy Bed Edition

  1. I think it’s so funny that these developmental stages hit so close for kids.

    We’ve recently entered the night terror/nightmare stage. For us, we figured out that the dream is about a tiger who bites her and then runs into the tree. She can now say bad dream and we can talk about them in the daytime which has seemed to help. But for us, being able to acknowledge the dream in in the middle of the night, “You had a bad dream? The one with the tiger that bites? It’s okay now, mommy is here, you’re safe” has enabled us to whittle down the 30 minute non-sensical, non-comforting screaming session down to a few minutes and she’ll go back to sleep. But, one of us does have to sleep with her.

    • Poor girl! It makes my heart break to think of these little guys having nightmares and not understanding that it’s just a dream. Lately I’ve been telling him to tell the “cat in the closet” to go away and we bye bye to it and that’s it. We still have to watch him fall asleep, but he’s slept through the night for the last couple of nights, thankfully. Good luck to you all!

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