On this day

I remember the temperature reaching the upper 80’s in the eight o’clock hour.  I remember not feeling as nervous as I thought I would.  I remember trying not to ugly cry as my brother walked me down the aisle in the hundred degree heat and how Rob managed to surprise me with singing his vows while our friends played recorders and his mom played her ukelele.

It was truly one of the best days of my life.  On this day four years ago we got married and had the greatest celebration with everyone we love.

In the last four years I’ve learned that what we have is pretty damn special and I can’t imagine living this life with anyone but Rob.  Even if it means finding stacks of comic books all over the house for the rest of my life.  Happy 4 years, Rob.Erin and Rob Wedding

Wedding Posts can be found herehere and here.


While today is our anniversary it is also a day for honoring the memory of Grandma Betty.  Today is her memorial service.  We’ve said our goodbyes already so today we get to remember and honor her.

Today also marks the day that my best girl, Katrina, leaves Austin, Texas to move back to Portland.  All of us here have been waiting a long time for this.  It’s a difficult thing for her to do, leaving a huge part of her life behind, but we can’t wait to have her home.

Today is a day for love all around.  Hug your partner, hug your friends, hug all of your loved ones.  And love to you all from me ❤Erin and Rob Wedding


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