This is my favorite, right here.  This age.  I think.  Everyone’s all But the terrible twos.  Yeah, we’ve got that.  But when he’s not terrible he’s just the best ever.

Every morning when he wakes up he greets me with the most emphatic “HI!” and even if it’s too early to be up it just melts me.  And hugs.  So many hugs.  And he pats your back while he’s hugging you and he rests his big little head on your shoulder and I just want to hold him forever like that.Summa_02With the snuggly, warm good comes the downright awful.  He can throw a tantrum.  He can scream.  He hits, kicks, bites sometimes.  Most tantrums stem from some sort of power control.  He’s very independent and must do everything on his own.  When he isn’t able to it’s the end of everything.  He’s angry, I get angry.  There’s yelling and throwing (on his part) and tears (both of us, sometimes).  It’s not pretty and it’s not easy.  Some days I feel like he’s been sent here to test me, to see just how much I can handle and to find out what my breaking point is.

But I love him.  More than anything.2.5_1Rob and I have those moments every single day where he’s doing something so precious cute adorable that we look at each other with that look.  You know, when you’re both thinking about how you absolutely could not love him more.  He’s full of magic and love and imagination.2.5_2Imagination!  He plays pretend!  We are always pretend eating bananas and pumpkins and going to the zoo and being tigers.  And a “pwisess”.  He loves being a princess.  He picked out a tutu at a children’s second hand sale and I bought it for him.  I don’t even know where he got the idea of a princess, but somehow he did and he likes it.  And I love watching him be a pwisess.

This post was supposed to go up weeks ago but I completely forgot about it, honestly.  And then we went on vacation, Max’s first big trip!  On a plane and a boat!  More details on that will come as soon as I have the time to sit down and sift through photos.  But let’s just say that Max had the best time because of course he did.  

2.5 year old Max is great.  Plain and simple.


On this day

I remember the temperature reaching the upper 80’s in the eight o’clock hour.  I remember not feeling as nervous as I thought I would.  I remember trying not to ugly cry as my brother walked me down the aisle in the hundred degree heat and how Rob managed to surprise me with singing his vows while our friends played recorders and his mom played her ukelele.

It was truly one of the best days of my life.  On this day four years ago we got married and had the greatest celebration with everyone we love.

In the last four years I’ve learned that what we have is pretty damn special and I can’t imagine living this life with anyone but Rob.  Even if it means finding stacks of comic books all over the house for the rest of my life.  Happy 4 years, Rob.Erin and Rob Wedding

Wedding Posts can be found herehere and here.


While today is our anniversary it is also a day for honoring the memory of Grandma Betty.  Today is her memorial service.  We’ve said our goodbyes already so today we get to remember and honor her.

Today also marks the day that my best girl, Katrina, leaves Austin, Texas to move back to Portland.  All of us here have been waiting a long time for this.  It’s a difficult thing for her to do, leaving a huge part of her life behind, but we can’t wait to have her home.

Today is a day for love all around.  Hug your partner, hug your friends, hug all of your loved ones.  And love to you all from me ❤Erin and Rob Wedding

Backyard Overhaul

We’ve been busy.  Really busy tearing up our backyard and building new things.  It all started in late April, early May when we had a stretch of super great weather and we were spending all of our time outside.  Rob and I were tossing ideas back and forth and before we knew it there were garden beds being built and shrubs and trees being removed.  And of course the lawn was mowed.Backyard_03The first project that was done was the sandbox.  Rob went to the hardware store one morning and before he had to be at work that afternoon it was built and ready for use.  He used this plan that I found on Pinterest.  It’s perfect.SandboxWe wanted one with a top so it wouldn’t become a neighborhood litter box (there’s a cat that sleeps on our back porch on occasion) and we wanted to keep the sand as dry as possible through all the rain.  The same day Rob built the sandbox was also the same day Max got a water table.  So now the game is to transfer water to the sandbox and sand to the water table.  In the end everything’s a mess and Max is happy.

One of the things I’ve wanted to do since we moved in here was remove the shrubs surrounding the patio, closing it off.  So one Saturday, while Rob was working and Max was napping, my mom came over with her hedge clippers and we got down to business.  She and I cut them all down to the roots and Rob later dug them out.  What a difference!  So satisfying.Backyard_01

Another big removal project was the crabapple tree.  The fruit it produced was bitter and not edible and it was in a prime sun position where we wanted a garden bed.  So down it went.  Rob took down most of it then we had a friend come over with his truck and wench to yank the stump out.Backyard_02Then came the garden beds.  We have not one but TWO garden beds.  Now, this is a big deal because we’re not great at tending to gardens.  We’ve got a veggie garden with corn, bell peppers, chili peppers, lettuce (that’s terribly bitter) and spinach (that is also not that great), and strawberries.  We have been great at watering and sort of good at weeding it.  Even Max enjoys helping out.GardenThe other bed is a flower bed.  I wanted a flower bed with flowers that I can cut and that’s what I got.  We went to the plat store and got some great things to plant.  My mom and I hauled a truckload of dirt (Rob was at work) and got the plants in the ground.  I was so pleased.  My mom even brought me some of her peonies to plant.  They won’t bloom until next year, but I’m super excited to have them.  While at the plant store we also picked up a cherry tree that was planted in place of another tree we cut down.Backyard_05In the middle of the yard were these out of control butterfly bushes.  Bushes that had grown into giant groupings of small trees that weren’t blooming because they were partly dead.  They’re gone now.  In there place we put a cherry tree that is already a huge hit with Max who had eaten all the cherries.  Yes, we bought the tree the was already producing fruit.  And yes we have eaten all of them.

My mom surprised me with a bunch of outdoor lights which was super nice of her.  Now our back porch is nicely lit in the evening.
Backyard_04I’m realizing I’m sort of terrible at taking before photos.  I thought I took a before of these awful things a while ago, and maybe I did, but I can’t find it.  So you’ll just have to believe me when I say that the bushes here reached the roof and there was maybe 24 inches of space in between them to walk through.  I hated them so very much.  Rob and I shared the trimming responsibility (Did you know it’s kind of difficult to use a chainsaw?  Or maybe I’m just weak?  Probably the latter.).  We still need to get the stumps and roots out, and that’s going to take a lot of work.

So that’s that.  We have a lot of really fantastic ideas for our yard that will take lots of time and money, neither of which we have a whole lot of right now, but we are enjoying it greatly as it is, spending our afternoons back there with Max and the dogs running around while we fire up the grill and sip on beers.  Cheers to a lovely summer and a lovely backyard!

Big Kid Things: The Big Boy Bed Edition

We knew this was coming, but neither of us were prepared for how it came about.

Last week, as Rob was just getting home from work at 3:40 am, Max woke up screaming.  We went into his room comforted him and put him back to bed and left.  About a minute later we hear a THUMP, followed by the pitter patter of a flat footed two year old.  When I turned the corner in the hallway to go to his room I was greeted with sad little boy.  I picked him up, put him back in his bed and within seconds he had swung his leg over the rail and was out.  SHIT.

You see, he had a nightmare.  He kept saying “tat” (cat) and pointing to his closet.  We have no cats, as I am allergic, and he is harboring no strays in his room.  He spent the rest of the night and the next night, in our bed with us for the first time ever.

Naps have been hit or miss. I think he’s napped only once in the last five days.  And he’s been staying up waaaay too late, especially with the 4th and all the fireworks.

So, instead of fighting him to stay in his crib any longer we took the rail off and made his bed a big boy bed.  His first night in it was the night of the 4th.  He hadn’t napped, we had a party and watched fireworks.  Needless to say he was pooped by his 11:00 bedtime.  So he passed out while I was reading to him.  The following nights were not as easy.BigBoyBedThe combination of no naps and still being scared of this fictitious cat have made for a very upset boy.  Bedtime, for now, consists of myself or Rob laying or sitting next to his bed until he falls asleep.  And the same is done when he wakes up at 1:00 and 2:30 in the morning.

Do you have any tips for us to make this transition easier? Or to help us reassure him that there is no cat?  I really don’t know what to do with that.

It’s Spring!

Springtime in Oregon means rain and a two week tease of 80 degree weather.  And birthday’s and Mother’s Day.  The end of April and beginning of May (Until Mother’s Day!)were glorious as far as weather goes and since then it’s been rainy and crappy and awful.  But hey!  That’s Oregon!Spring_05But when it’s nice in Oregon, it’s THE BEST.  It was so perfect and beautiful that Max was naked for days.  We would go outside and he would immediately strip down to nothing.  Watching his tiny naked butt run around the yard was amazing.  And I swear I’ve never seen him happier.  Just look at that smile.Spring_06SPring_07And then Mother’s Day came and the sun went away.  It was a lovely day spent inside with the family, after work.  My Rob cooked dinner AND made birdhouses for me and my mom and his mom.  Birdhouses!  We’re going to have Max paint them eventually.Spring_08The day after Mother’s Day max went to his very first parade, the St. John’s Parade.  Rob’s family used to go each year when they were kids, they thought it would be nice for Max to go.  Rob was working so it was me and Max, Rob’s folks and Aunt Christi.  We picked a spot in front of the State Farm building, where they giving away hot dogs and burgers, in the shade.Spring_09I think Max enjoyed it.  He was a little scared a few times by some of the marching bands.  He would wrap his arms around himself and say “cooooooold” and shiver and wanted someone to hold him and cover his ears.  I would ask him if he was scared and he would snuggle up and mutter the tiniest little “yeah”.  He got over it eventually and began to enjoy the bands.  He better because one of these years I want to get him down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and the marching bands are so lively and energetic.

Today is the beginning of another stretch of dry and warm weather so if you need us we’ll be in the backyard sipping beers and chasing a naked toddler.


Also, I gave the blog a little makeover.  What do you think?