2 Months

He’s two months old today.

He smiles, and when he does it’s like he’s silently laughing at you.  He hasn’t giggled just yet, and man I can’t wait until he does.  He’s holding his head up a little more each day.   He’s becoming a master at breaking out of his swaddle when I put him to bed.  He still doesn’t fit in the cloth diapers because he has no butt.  He’s spending more and more time awake during the day, and we’ve got the colic issue under control (yay!).  And he’s sleeping for 6 hours straight at night!

Watching him learn is so amazing.

Some of my favorite moments with him are in the middle of the night after he nurses, I’ll snuggle him on chest and he’ll fall asleep.  I press my cheek against his pudgy little cheek and just sit with him for a while.  Aaaaah, it’s great.  I also love in the middle of the night when he’ll stop eating for no reason, look up at me give me the biggest smile and silent, breathy laugh.  It’s as if he knows he’s being a pain and thinks it’s hilarious.  I love it.

Everyone says they grow up so fast, and it’s true.  Before I know it, he’ll be stealing my car keys to go on a midnight romp around town with his buddies.