Nesting, nesting, nesting!

As the end draws near, I find myself doing more and more work to get this house ready for the baby.  Rob has been also been working really hard on the furniture, stripping and sanding it.  It’s taken three different types of paint stripper to get the stuff off because of the beveled spindles on the changing table and rocking chair.  After he strips the paint, I repaint which has been killing my back.  But that’s my own fault.  We still need to finish the rocking chair, but it’s too cold outside for the paint stripper to work properly and using that stuff indoors is a death sentence.

We bought the dresser probably a year ago at an estate sale, without a real use in mind.  We just liked it and the price was right.  It’s an antique, and a little beaten up but it looks pretty nice repainted.

The second drawer down is missing the bottom right corner.  Oh well.  We’d like to put something on that plaque on the second drawer, but can’t think of what.  Any ideas?  I would say his initials, but we don’t know what those are yet.

*Side note: I think the calibration on my computer is screwed up, because the walls are not as bright yellow as they appear on here to me, and the images look a lot better on my camera.

We bought the changing table and rocking chair from a family on Craigslist for $40.

I’m pretty pleased with the way it came out, and I’m eager to finish the rocking chair.

I also received the cloth diapers I ordered a few weeks back.

I bought a dozen of the bumGenius Elemental One-Size.  I did a lot of research into cloth diapering to see what was available and these seemed to make the most sense for a lot of reasons.  1) These can be used from birth until he’s out of diapers.  They have snaps on them that change the size of the diaper as the baby grows. 2) There are no inserts or plastic covers needed.  It’s all in one piece.  3) They had rave reviews from families who’ve used them.  I’ve actually used them on the kids I’ve babysat for-very easy.  I even got a sprayer that attaches to the toilet to remove the poop properly.  I also got a wet/dry zip bag to attach to the side of the changing table to put them in after being used.  I anticipate us using a mix of disposable and cloth, but if we can get into a cloth groove that’d be great!

In addition to repainting the furniture I’ve been putting things in their respective places.  I’ve gone through all the clothes we have, sorted them by size and put them away.  This kid has a lot of clothes already, especially newborn through 6 months.  He’s also got quite the shoe collection.  Not sure where I’m going to put those yet.  Still need to figure out the closet organization.  With doing all of this, I guess you could say I’m nesting.

Here’s last weeks obligatory belly shot:

It’s not until I look at the photos do I realize how big I am.  Looking down all the time, I underestimate just how large my belly is.

I’ve been feeling pretty OK the last couple of weeks.  Except my back is just killing me.  I want to high five any pregnant woman who has to work or take care of kids while feeling this pain.  The worst part is, there’s very little relief.  I get temporary relief when I do the stretches I’ve learned in our birth class, and acupuncture does help, but if I’ve done too much work in a day I suffer that night.  And let me tell you that taking Tylenol is so not the same as popping 4 Aleve.  It barely helps.  It will be nice to not be carrying around all the extra weight.  Speaking of extra weight, I weigh more than I ever have in my life, and rightfully so.  I think a part of me thought I would be worried about my weight while being pregnant, but I was excited when I hit 200.  It was a number I’ve never reached, so it was kind of like a milestone of sorts.  I’m not worried about getting back to pre-pregnancy weight after he’s born.  It’ll happen, or it won’t.  Whatevs.

This weekend we’ve got our second baby shower at my mom’s house.  We’re very eager for it because there will be a lot of people we don’t see often there including my cousin Kristin who lives in Las Vegas now, and Rob’s brother Chris and his wife Kristin and our nephew Asher.  I’m excited to see what my mom put together for us, and I know she is too.  I’ll be sure to fill you in with all the deets soon!