Big Kid Things: The Nearly Three Edition

We’re at the end of the age of two.  That means that when he turns three he’ll be completely agreeable and well behaved all the time, right?  RIGHT?

From what I hear three is the new two.  And if that’s true then we’re in for a real treat.

I’ll start with the good: Max is potty trained!  And he has been since December!  AND! He did it all by himself!ThreeEdition_04Seriously though, he really did.  I gave him underwear, or unduway as he calls them, and he would wear them around the house and go pee in the potty (his little potty seat).  Then one day when I said he needed to put a diaper on because we were leaving the house he said no.  I panicked for a moment then told myself this day was going to come sooner or later.  So we left the house with him in underwear.  And he did just fine.  Then a few days later as he was getting ready for bed he said no to putting a diaper on for bed.  I trusted him and let him wear underwear and he woke up dry!  I was blown away.  He was ready.

He went over a month without any accidents at all.  He’s wet the bed a couple of times and recently seems to have regressed and is having accidents all the time now.  But I think that’s more of a Eff You to us because when we see that he needs to go we tell him to go and he says “No.  I don’t want to!”.  And then we argue and there’s timeouts for everyone.  And that seems to be the theme recently.ThreeEdition_03I feel like we’re living in a constant power struggle.  He knows what he can get away with and with who.  He plays me and Rob differently.  It’s kind of funny.  Except that it’s not really and some days you want to drop everything and leave.

But then he starts asking you where the cats are and unless you are myself or Rob you will have no idea what the hell he’s talking about.  You see, Max has an entire family of cats for imaginary friends.  There’s a mommy cat, a daddy cat, a Max cat and a baby cat and they are all named Tree.  Is it their last name you ask?  Who knows.  To us they’re just the Tree cats.  They come with us everywhere and they love to play chase.

While he can be just precious and talk about imaginary cats, he can also test your patience and make you feel like your brain is going to explode.ThreeEdition_01He’s opinionated and knows what he wants, or doesn’t want.  For a while anytime we asked him to do something it was “No.  I don’t want to.”  Okey dokey, Max.  We resorted to bribery, it was literally the only thing that would get him to go to the bathroom, or get dressed, or even EAT.  For the most part we’re past that, for now.  Every once in a while we have to make some sort of deal, and let me tell you that this kid can drive a hard bargain.  Now he’s really into us setting the timer on our phone for a number of minutes of his choosing.  Then he’ll do what we want when the time goes off, supposedly.  I’ve seen no evidence of this.

He’s not napping anymore, which has turned out to be okay.  Basically, he’s so tired at bedtime he just goes right to sleep.  It’s glorious!  No more sitting next to his bed for hours, no more standing outside his door for hours!  The downside?  He’s awake all day.  And in the early evening he gets pissy.  Then I get pissy.  And then I have wine.  Or beer or bourbon.  Whatever’s closest.ThreeEdition_02While he’s a pain in my backside, he’s also just the most fun right now.

Listening to him talk is incredible.  Especially after he had such a hard time with it.  He’s officially done with speech therapy and I’m so so so glad we put him in that program.

Since he’ll be three in less than two weeks we’re looking into preschool.  We visited a cooperative preschool last week and I think we’re going to sign him up.  He’ll only be there for two months, as they follow the school districts calendar.  He was shy at first but warmed up eventually and didn’t want to leave.  I know that when the time comes to drop him off there will be tears.  His and mine.  I also know that it won’t last forever and that this is the best thing for him, and me for that matter.

His 3rd birthday is five days away and I’m starting to feel all the feelings.  He has requested a red cake for his birthday and for dinner he would like hot dogs.

Big Kid Things: The Big Boy Bed Edition

We knew this was coming, but neither of us were prepared for how it came about.

Last week, as Rob was just getting home from work at 3:40 am, Max woke up screaming.  We went into his room comforted him and put him back to bed and left.  About a minute later we hear a THUMP, followed by the pitter patter of a flat footed two year old.  When I turned the corner in the hallway to go to his room I was greeted with sad little boy.  I picked him up, put him back in his bed and within seconds he had swung his leg over the rail and was out.  SHIT.

You see, he had a nightmare.  He kept saying “tat” (cat) and pointing to his closet.  We have no cats, as I am allergic, and he is harboring no strays in his room.  He spent the rest of the night and the next night, in our bed with us for the first time ever.

Naps have been hit or miss. I think he’s napped only once in the last five days.  And he’s been staying up waaaay too late, especially with the 4th and all the fireworks.

So, instead of fighting him to stay in his crib any longer we took the rail off and made his bed a big boy bed.  His first night in it was the night of the 4th.  He hadn’t napped, we had a party and watched fireworks.  Needless to say he was pooped by his 11:00 bedtime.  So he passed out while I was reading to him.  The following nights were not as easy.BigBoyBedThe combination of no naps and still being scared of this fictitious cat have made for a very upset boy.  Bedtime, for now, consists of myself or Rob laying or sitting next to his bed until he falls asleep.  And the same is done when he wakes up at 1:00 and 2:30 in the morning.

Do you have any tips for us to make this transition easier? Or to help us reassure him that there is no cat?  I really don’t know what to do with that.

Big Kid Things: The First Haircut Edition

It finally happened. I let Joy cut Max’s hair. It needed to be done. Lately he’s been wiping it out of his face with his hands and while it’s adorable when he does that, it’s a nuisance to him. So this is what Joy had to deal with:Haircut_06A mane of golden curls. Max did A-MAZING. Seriously, this kid was totally fine with this. The only time he got whiny was towards the end when he was covered in hair, he doesn’t care much for messes. Joy did a fabulous job. FABULOUS. My almost two year old looks like a little boy and not a wild toddler with parents who don’t care about what his hair looks like!Haircut_03Haircut_04I didn’t cry. I was so happy and amazed and stunned by how friggin cute my kid is. LOOK AT HIM.Haircut_05A grown little boy! After a while of staring at him I remembered a picture of my dad as a baby, maybe a little younger than Max is now.

Haircut_02There’s a slight resemblance. Max is definitely a Brown.Haircut_01Here’s a before and after for comparison. Yes, I kept the chopped off hair.

More Big Kid Things

So many things are happening, and fast.  Without trying to sound like a total mom (well, I am one so I guess it’s ok), I’m just really trying to embrace what he’s doing now because it’s not going to last long.  Hell, in two months he’ll be a year old.  ONE. YEAR. OLD.  Just the very thought of that brings tears to my eyes and knots to my stomach.  As much as I want him to remain this (nearly) perfect little creature, I want him to grow and become his own independent person.  Being a mom is hard you guys.

Ok, now for crazycuteadorablethings:

So he started “swimming” lessons on Saturday.  Really it’s just play time with songs in the water, which is great!  Rob was really excited to get him signed up and I’m really glad he did.  I sat out the first class so I could take some photos and video, but this weekend I’m totes joining in.Also, if this class was any indication of things to come we’ll be receiving a lot of notes from teachers about how Max doesn’t pay attention and is easily distracted.

The guy loves to eat.  LOVES.  He hasn’t had purees in about a month now and it’s because he wants to feed himself.  It’s great!  Rob and I get to eat together and not in shifts anymore!  His new favorite: Spaghetti.  I think it’s some unwritten baby law that they have to love spaghetti.


Then there’s bath time.  Thank the gods that he likes baths.  He’s finally in the big tub, after multiple escape attempts out of the infant tub I thought it was time.

Remember this?:He was less than a week old here.  Cross eyed, tanned from the bili lights  and bruised from birth.

Going to go cry now.