Crafty Times: Little Boy Bowtie

There are few things cuter than a little boy dressed like a little man.  Right?  For Max’s birthday I want him to be that cute little man, so I made him a bow tie.

I found this tutorial going around Pinterest and decided to give it a go.  Let me just say that this was so quick an easy that I was able to make it while Max napped with just some scrap fabric.  My only problem with it is that I have a hard time sewing round edges, so my edges are oddly shaped.  Luckily this pattern is very forgiving of crooked stitches.

Isn’t this just the cutest?  I love how easy it was to make and how insanely adorable it is.  These would make great gifts for a birthday or for a baby shower.

One day I’ll make Rob one and they’ll be matchy matchy.