Bath Time, Fun Time

When the day is winding down, and dinner has been eaten there are only a few things left to do before bed time.The fun begins with a naked baby butt, because who doesn’t love a naked baby butt?  Then there’s the I want to play in the crib and throw myself down on the bouncy mattress game.  It’s a super fun and hilarious game.

And then we’ll wander down the hall to the bathroom where a tub full (but not too full) of warm water is awaiting the arrival of one Mr. Maxwell.Bath time is the best time.Getting out and getting ready for bed?  Not the best.


The Never Ending Bathroom Renovation: Part 483

Alright.  Not a whole lot has changed, but things will.  We’ve had quite the time trying to figure out the whole storage/sink/counter space conundrum.

We bought a sink cabinet at the Rebuilding Center for $35.  Technically, it fit.  My measurements were correct, but I didn’t take into consideration how much a full cabinet would fill the space.

Let me explain: The original sink was sitting in an open vintage sewing machine table. So when you sat on toilet, there was plenty of open space for your legs.  Now that we have this full cabinet with drawers and doors, there was no extra space.

We ditched it.  It just wasn’t going to work.  I was reluctant to ditch it because we put a lot of work into it.  It had been cut down to size, put on a riser, primed and painted.  Twice.  There was a bit of an issue with the paint, and it was painted twice.  And we had to have a countertop made, which was going to cost a bloody fortune because apparently I have expensive taste.  Anyhoo, it’s out of the picture now.

Once we made the decision to do away with the damn thing, we decided we’d go with a pedestal sink.  I like the look of a pedestal sink, but it provides absolutely no counter space or storage.  So I started looking for storage options.  If you’ll remember back to the beginning of all of this, there was a small chest of drawers in there for storage.  I liked the idea of that, so I did some looking around and found the perfect thing at Ikea.It’s just  a simple 3 drawer pine dresser.  I slapped some primer on it, then painted it about a half hour later.  I used Hearts of Palm from Sherwin Williams, and I lovelovelove it!  It came with wood knobs, but I picked up some brushed nickel hardware at Home Depot.  The finished product looks nothing like the original.  It’s perfect.Now for the tub.  The tub was an easier project than I thought it would be.  Rob got it out of the bathroom on his own one afternoon.  I primed it with a special rust resistant primer from Sherwin Williams, then painted it with a specific paint for metal surfaces in Cooled Blue.  This color is beautiful, seriously.  I love the contrast of the teal tub and the light blue walls.

We also had some electrical work done in there.  We had an exhaust fan put in, the main ceiling light rewired (the wires were exposed), had an outlet put in and the sconces spread out a little more.  OMG electrical work is SO EXPENSIVE.   It needed to be done, but holy Hello Kitty it was a lot.  With all that electrical work comes more work for us.  The electrician had to put a bunch of holes in the walls and ceiling to work, so there’s that.  But the work is done, and won’t need to be done ever again.

Now for all the things that still need to be done (in no particular order):

-Get a sink and install

-Replace the flooring (thinking about Marmoleum)

-Finish patching holes

-Texturize and paint over patchwork

-Hang mirror, towel rack and hooks

-Finish moulding

-Hang new light fixture

-Spray paint sconces (no the milk glass part, the metal part, brushed nickel) and hang

-Reinforce shower curtain rod

-Over the toilet storage

-Find fabric and make curtains

Is that it?  Good gravy, I hope so.

This has been such a great learning experience, but I’m really ready to stop learning and start using my new bathroom.

Little Shower of Horrors

One of my most favorite things about this house is the claw foot tub.  When I was pregnant Rob would bring me over here just so I could soak in it, I couldn’t fit in ours very well, pregnant or not.  One of my biggest problems with this house is that there is no shower in the main bathroom, just the tub, and the shower downstairs in the basement looks like something out of horror movie.

It’s dark, dingy, and small.  And there’s one of those red heat lamps right outside the shower door, which really adds to the whole horror movie ambiance.

Since we’ve moved in we’ve made a list of projects that are a priority, and installing a shower head in the main bathroom was my main priority.  Since we’re working with a claw foot tub we couldn’t just go to Home Depot and get a new shower head.  We needed piping to run the water up, and we needed a method of hanging shower curtains.  We went to the fancy George Morlan Plumbing showroom in the Pearl a couple of weekends ago.  They had exactly what we were looking for, but for like four times the price we were willing to pay.  I mean, $1200 for a faucet and shower head?  Come on.  So, we hit the Google hard searching for a more affordable option.  And we found one!  Home Depot sells a whole package deal, the faucet, shower head, curtain rods and plumbing.  Rob hooked it up yesterday and last night I broke in our new shower!

Oh, it is so great to shower in better lighting (this bathroom is also fairly dark), and have enough room to shave my legs!  Only issue is the having to have a million shower curtains to cover all the edges, and I’m cheap and I bought the Target brand and they’re way too long and not wide enough, so now I’ll need four shower cheap-o curtains (Ridiculous!) instead of the probably 2 moderately priced ones.  Oh well, that’s what I get for buying the Target brand, eh?  Another issue is that there is no exhaust fan in this bathroom.  For now we’ll have to open the window when showering, and soon we’ll have a fan installed.

All in all I’m ecstatic.  Eventually we’ll be doing a full overhaul on both the bathrooms, the main floor first, but for now I’m pleased as punch with my new shower.

The Bathroom

So we’ve been here almost two weeks and things are falling into place.  We still have groupings of boxes here and there, but it’s starting to look like a home, and not a storage unit.

As our belongings find their place, I begin imagining what I should do to make this place ours.  Let’s look at the bathroom today:This is the bathroom door. This bathroom is on the main floor, next to our bedroom (the doorframe to our room is on the right).  I hate this door.  HATE.  It’s ugly, it’s loud when you open and close it, and it doesn’t hide bathroom noises if you catch my drift.  Thankfully, we have a second bathroom downstairs.  This is on the priority list for replacing.

This bathroom is a time capsule.  It’s got a lot of charm, and quirky-ness, but even with that I’m going to gut this thing-Except for the claw foot tub and toilet (the toilet is new and fancy and has buttons for #1 and #2).  That panelling.  Oh, the panelling.  It’s going, and I can’t wait to tear it down.  Now, the wallpaper.  A part of me has always wanted some sort of original foil wallpaper, and I like this wallpaper.  But it’s old and dingy, and warped.  I am going to cut a piece and frame it to keep in there.

Also, notice that there’s no shower head.  There’s a stall shower in the bathroom downstairs (more on that some other time) but I want a shower head put in here.  That’s high on the priority list, only for reasons having to do with the other shower, and it’s terrifying nature.

Now, how about the macrame shelf?  Yeah, that’s going.

This is the sink.  In a sewing table.  I think this actually a good idea, but just not my style, but I appreciate the creativity.

MILK GLASS SCONCES!!!!!!!  Have I told you how much I love milk glass?  These, right here, are the design inspiration for this room.

About that, I think I have an idea of what I’d like to do, thanks to Pinterest.This is the color pallet I think I’d like to work with, but replace that creamy white with a white white.  You know, to match the milk glass, or just a less yellow white.

I would also like to paint the outside of the tub like this:Right now the outside of the tub, well just the front of the outside, is painted black, so this shouldn’t be too big of a deal.  As for the rest of the bathroom all I want is counter and cabinets.  The old house had a pedestal sink, and some built ins.  This bathroom needs storage.  And light.  It’s really dark in there right now, and I’m going with white with teal accents to brighten it up.  Who knows when this will actually happen, I think I’d like to redo the kitchen first, then the bathroom.  We’re planning on doing this all ourselves and with the help of my brother (who is in school for construction and just finished a course on bathroom and kitchen construction).  I’ve never remodeled a room before, and now that I have the redesign itch I want to get going.

This is the wall across from the tub.  The large photo is of Rob’s Great Aunt Collette, who I met a couple of times before she passed.  She was a 90 year lady, full of piss and vinegar, who played piano.  A part of me is kind of going to miss the hodge podge mix of things in this bathroom, but I’m ready to make it ours.