These Two

Rob and Max.  These guys are my favorite, especially when they’re together.I mean, look at them!  It’s just precious!  Max adores Rob like I adore Roseanne.  When I see Max throw himself onto Rob with his tiny arms open as wide as possible, my heart literally melts into a puddle of mush.  And then he’ll rest his golden curled head on Rob’s shoulder and I die.  Over and over again.

There are certain things daddy’s do better than mamas.  Like share milk and sandwiches and popsicles.  And roughhouse and  pull your pants up to your bellybutton so you look like an old man.  And love the hell out of you.

Happy Father’s Day (two days ago!) Rob!



I got an email from my mom a couple of days ago.  She’s on a 2 week long vacation in Morocco.  She talked for a long time about visiting Morocco, and she’s finally doing it.  But her going to Morocco has brought up a lot of emotional stuff surrounding my dad.

In 1954 my grandfather (dad’s dad), was sent to Morocco (then a French colony) for work.  My grandmother, uncle and my dad followed.  My grandfather was a Captain in the Air Force, as well as the School Officer liaison for Nouasseur and would later open a school for the Arab workers children.  They lived in Cacablanca, and unlike the other military families they lived in suburban housing.  In 1956 my grandfather was shot and killed by French guards in his car coming home from a night out with my grandmother.

My dad, Curt, and his father, Nelson, at the Roman ruins in Morocco.

My mom wrote about visiting these very ruins and how amazing they were.  When I read that she was there my heart sank.  I have been looking at these childhood photos of my dad’s since she left and the above image stuck with me.  This trip is more than a vacation for her.  It’s seeing a part of my dad’s life that we weren’t a part of.  But it’s good.  It’s like a full circle type of thing, you know?

My dad’s on my mind a lot lately, with my mom in Morocco and Max’s first birthday coming up and him not having the chance to meet and know his grandson.  This is just another one of many waves of sadness I’ll feel.  It’ll go soon, and it’ll come back again, and it hurts a little less and gets a little easier each time.

Being thankful

This last year has been full of exciting adventures and our little family has so much to be thankful for.

This last weekend I was so thankful to have one of my most favorite people in the world come and meet Max.  My cousin Kristin flew up from Las Vegas for a long weekend and I had such a great time showing the kid off to her.

Thanksgiving was spent at Rob’s parents after Max decided to take an unusually long nap making us 2 hours late!  We were in charge of the potatoes, dessert, and of course the deviled eggs.  Well, Rob was in charge of the deviled eggs.  Have I mentioned before that I hate deviled eggs?  They smell like farts.

I am thankful that my applesauce spice cake turned out to be downright perfect.

Pecan turkey!

I am thankful that we have family to be with.

Left to right: Rob’s dad, Joe, Rita my retarded dog (I can say that because she is), Grandma Betty, my mom, Clare, me (duh), Diego licking my face, Rob, Max (in Rob’s babyhood high chair!), my brudder Cameron, Brady (family friend), and Rob’s mom, Sherri.

I am thankful that I have a little boy who makes everything worthwhile.  I am thankful that I have a little boy who has the sweetest, toofiest, cheekiest, dimples showing up sometimes grin.  I am thankful that this boy likes to eat and enjoyed his first Thanksgiving dinner.

I am thankful that this guy is his dad and that we’re a cute little family.  I am thankful that this guy puts up with my crazy, and loves me in spite of it.  Or because of it, cause some guys are into that, ya know?

I am also thankful for my dad, who I know was with us tonight.  After dinner Brady turned on the stereo and was trying to find a station.  He picked up on a station that was playing Vince Gurauldi’s Linus and Lucy.  My heart sank.  I smiled.  That was my favorite song that my dad played on the piano.  I know it was him.  There have only been a handful of times I’ve experienced his presence like this, it’s very comforting.

Lastly, I want to dedicate this post to my very dear friend Joy who I am very thankful to have in my life and who I love very much.