It’s Spring!

Springtime in Oregon means rain and a two week tease of 80 degree weather.  And birthday’s and Mother’s Day.  The end of April and beginning of May (Until Mother’s Day!)were glorious as far as weather goes and since then it’s been rainy and crappy and awful.  But hey!  That’s Oregon!Spring_05But when it’s nice in Oregon, it’s THE BEST.  It was so perfect and beautiful that Max was naked for days.  We would go outside and he would immediately strip down to nothing.  Watching his tiny naked butt run around the yard was amazing.  And I swear I’ve never seen him happier.  Just look at that smile.Spring_06SPring_07And then Mother’s Day came and the sun went away.  It was a lovely day spent inside with the family, after work.  My Rob cooked dinner AND made birdhouses for me and my mom and his mom.  Birdhouses!  We’re going to have Max paint them eventually.Spring_08The day after Mother’s Day max went to his very first parade, the St. John’s Parade.  Rob’s family used to go each year when they were kids, they thought it would be nice for Max to go.  Rob was working so it was me and Max, Rob’s folks and Aunt Christi.  We picked a spot in front of the State Farm building, where they giving away hot dogs and burgers, in the shade.Spring_09I think Max enjoyed it.  He was a little scared a few times by some of the marching bands.  He would wrap his arms around himself and say “cooooooold” and shiver and wanted someone to hold him and cover his ears.  I would ask him if he was scared and he would snuggle up and mutter the tiniest little “yeah”.  He got over it eventually and began to enjoy the bands.  He better because one of these years I want to get him down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and the marching bands are so lively and energetic.

Today is the beginning of another stretch of dry and warm weather so if you need us we’ll be in the backyard sipping beers and chasing a naked toddler.


Also, I gave the blog a little makeover.  What do you think?


Easter with the Family

Easter.  When I think of Easter I think of getting together with family, dressing up, and having a nice dinner.  And also waking up to a basket of treats brought in the night by a bunny.  Max was visited by the Easter Bunny this year, three times.  He got THREE Easter baskets.  In them were cars, magnet toys, bubbles, and play-doh, little boy underwear (SO CUTE OMG), a pop up book and a stuffed Dumbo.  Easter_04It was a lovely afternoon spent with our family.  We had a delicious dinner in the backyard and it was just the best.  You know those days where you throw together last minute gatherings and they turn out to be really great and perfect?  It was that.  Stress free and full of happy people and things like mimosas and in Max’s case blueberries to lick off of the table.Easter_03And to make up for the not so great photos taken of us the day before at Max’s party, I had my mom snap a few of us real quick, and I’m glad I did.Easter_01Easter_02They’re not perfect, but they kind of are.  Max will never stand still and smile.  One of us will always have a ridiculous face, and that’s ok.  As long as the lighting is good and we’re being ourselves the photos will come out great, just like they did.  But good gravy I wish this kid would take one good photo for me.  Is that really too much to ask?

Hope your Easter was great!

Our Astoria Getaway

Last Thursday Rob and I packed up the kid (and the literal ton of things he would need for 3 days), dropped the dogs of with Rob’s folks and headed for the coast, where the temperature was going to be a nice 75 degrees as opposed to the 100+ degree weather Portland was having.

I had been eagerly anticipating this little trip of ours for a while.  Rob and I both needed this, to be alone together and not in our house where there seems to always be something going on.  But I was harboring my fears of being away from the comfort of our own home for Max’s sake.  The one and only other time we’ve traveled overnight with him was last summer, and it didn’t go very well as far as sleep.

I knew he would be fine otherwise, you know throughout the day and all.  But man, was I dreading bedtime.  And thankfully, I worried my silly little head for nothing because he did GREAT!  Our second day there he even took a solid 3 hour nap!  It was a vacation miracle!


Our time spent there consisted of blueberry picking and eating, naps, playing with cars and puzzles, throwing cars and puzzles, antique stores, May Flies, sunglasses, piano playing, corn on the cob, and an impromptu Elvis dance party.Thank you for a truly lovely visit, Christi and Greg!

The First Weekend Away

My cousin/best friend/sister, Kristin called me a few weeks ago and said she would be in Eugene for a friends wedding.  She only had Friday through Sunday there which didn’t leave much time for her to come to Portland to visit us.  It was decided that I would be the family ambassador and go visit her.  Girls weekend!

This was my first time leaving Max for the weekend, or fully overnight for that matter.  I know, it’s kind of sad that it took this long to get away.  I had no hesitations about doing this.  Was I anxious, scared, sad to leave him?  Yes, yes, and yes.  But I wasn’t going to let that stop me.  This was something I needed to do for myself.

A few days before the trip my brother told me that he was working a wedding in Eugene that very same Saturday (not the same wedding, however).  So Friday morning Cameron and I hit the road for Eugene after Kristin called me in hysterics because she was minutes away from missing her flight due to long lines and incredibly rude check in clerks.  I’m side eyeing you, Allegiant!Cam and I got to the Eugene airport just in time to pick up our Kristin.  From there we decided to drive towards our hotel and find some lunch.  We introduced Kristin to 5 Guys and checked into the hotel.  We spent the remainder of the afternoon wandering around Downtown Eugene, in and out of antique shops and keeping cool under the trees.

This was the time where I realized that Eugene is like a really small, kind of boring town.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice place but I just didn’t see what it had to offer that Portland didn’t, besides U of O.

That evening Cam went and stayed at his friends place while Kristin and I went to the rehearsal dinner for her friends.  It was at this place called the Pizza Research Institute.  From what I gathered this place just makes up their own foodie (I really hate that word) type pizza with gourmet ingredients and bizarre combinations.  I broke my ‘no fruit on the pizza’ rule and went with the apple, pear, gouda and walnut.  And boy, it was gooooood.  I even tried their gluten free vegan cheese pizza too, also not bad.  There was a pizza with giant chunks of corn on the cob on it, artichoke hearts-you name it, they had it.

It was also at the Pizza Research Institute where I met and re-met Kristin’s friends.  All graduates of LSU’s School of Veterinary Medicine.  They’re all veterinarians who have dispersed all over the country for work.  I spent the evening hearing stories about dogs and cats and the surgeries they needed and why they needed them, and all these words I didn’t understand.  My cousin even shared many photos of her patients before DURING and after surgeries.  Yeesh.  I retired to the hotel early to let myself rest so I could fully recover from the nasty cold I had.

The next morning we went to the Saturday Market and walked around, bought a few things, had lunch at the Rogue Brew Pub and went back to the hotel to veg out and et ready for the wedding.

At 5:20 two buses left the hotel to take all the guests to the wedding location, Sweet Cheeks Winery, about a 30-40 minute ride.  It was, of course, a beautiful ride, that unfortunately made a lot of us a little carsick.  But once we were there the views more than made up for that.  The evening was beautiful, as was the wedding itself.

It was really great to spend time with all of Kristin’s friends and get to know them each individually, but what was better was being able to spend time with Kristin.  She and I grew up together, spending nearly every day together after school and during the summer.  I’m so glad we’ve been able to keep our relationship so close after all these years.When I got home on Sunday, I felt super proud of myself and kind of a sense of relief.  Like a Phew, I did it type of thing.  I thought about Max and Rob every single minute I was gone, but I never cried.  And now that I know that I can do this and everyone will survive, I can’t wait to do it again.