Crafty Times: A Birthday Bunting

Well, there’s only 33 days left until Max’s first birthday (OMGHOLYWHATTHEHELL), which means there’s a party to follow that.  I’ve been brainstorming this party for some time now and I’ve been trying to find some DIY projects to do for decorations.  One of the projects I wanted to do was a bunting.  There are a million tutorials on Pinterest for these things, but they’re also pretty self explanatory.  Here’s how I made mine.

What I used:

-1/2 inch bias tape

-fabric of your choosing

-cutting board and rotary cutter

-pinking shears


-sewing machine

First thing I did was choose my fabric.  I went to Fabric Depot a couple of weekends ago when they were having their 30% off everything sale (AWESOME) and chose my fabric.  The first one I picked up was the multi colored with the starbursts, and I from there I chose the others.  The blue dots and the brown wood grain were fat quarters (which I was hoping to find all my fabrics in).  I like the main multi colored one so much, I bought 1/2 a yard so I can include it in the quilt I’m (hoping to) make for Max for his birthday.

The first thing I did was iron my fabric so that when I cut and measured, it would be accurately done.  Although, this project requires very little sewing, and exact measurements aren’t important.

Next I measured a 5×5 square and marked it with a dressmakers pencil.  Then I cut out my square and folded it in half.  I marked my first cut on my first square, just diagonally across.  I used my pinking shears for this cut.  I cut all of my triangles from each of my fabrics, 22 in total.

Next I stacked my triangles in the order I wanted them sewn.  This is probably the easiest part, I mean the whole thing’s easy but cutting out all those triangles was more tedious than this.  All I did was slip each triangle into the fold of the bias tape, and sew.

When I was done sewing, I ironed each triangle again to get the crease from folding it, out.  Then, done!

This took a grand total of about 3 hours total, but only because of a sick baby.  Sick babies are the worst, and by that I mean that it’s the worst when babies are sick.  He’s getting better, thankfully.

I just love the finished product.  I think this is going to be one of those party staples for each of Max’s birthdays growing up.