Bathroom Update

It’s been 2 (or has it been 3?) weeks since we started this and we’re getting closer to completion.  Kind of.

It seems that whenever we would start one project in there it would then require two more  projects to be complete.  That and Rob’s schedule hasn’t allowed for much bathroom work time, that and working around a sleeping baby’s schedule is kind of a pain.

So here we are.

Last time I left off when we were just getting done with the demolition.  My Brother, Cameron, came over a few days later to help us out (he’s in school getting a degree in construction right now).He and Rob worked on putting in the insulation and hanging the drywall Rob bought at Home Depot.  The drywall he got is mold resistant, which is great for a bathroom.  Cameron had to go to school so Rob was left to finish the drywall installation.

It’s really cool watching the process of building a room.  And it’s even cooler knowing that you can do it.  I’m so proud of Rob for doing all of this and doing right.

We had our contractor friend come over look at the water damaged subfloor, and he gave us the most excellent news that there’s no mold and it doesn’t need to be replaced.  Holy Hello Kitty that was so good to hear.  Luckily since we pulled the sink out weeks ago without putting another in immediately it dried up.

After about a week all the drywall was up and it was mudded and sanded, Rob had to sand down the already existing walls to break down the texture.  The new drywall was really smooth and the other walls were slightly bumpy.  Our contractor friend also mentioned that the fluffier paint roller we used when priming the walls, the more similar the texture we’d get between the two types of walls.  So we primed and said goodbye to the tiger.

The next day Cameron and Jared came over to paint.  Rob worked all day and I had to take care of the boy, so it was really nice to have these guys over to help out.  I paid them in lunch from Arby’s.The second that color went on the wall I was in love.  I chose a color called Crystal Clear from Sherwin Williams.  I wanted a light color, but not stark white.  This was light with a touch of blue (depending on the calibration of your monitor).

Throughout the week we made countless trips to Home Depot for various items, one of the big ones being floor, window, and door moulding.  We went with a pre-primed 3 1/2 inch moulding.  Rob also got his first circular saw, an investment I’m sure we’ll get a lot of use out of.  We also had to rent a nail gun and a compressor to install the moulding (In doing so, Rob had to go back to the HD twice to get the right gun and compressor because the clerk wasn’t very educated on these things and sent him home with the wrong tools. Oy.).  Rob cut all the moulding down, nailed it in, and put silicone caulk over the nails and along the edges (We were only able to install the floor moulding on the walls on the side and behind the tub, around the door and around the window.  We have to wait to install the rest because we need to put the sink cabinet in first.).  I painted them with one coat of our white trim paint.  When it was all done I couldn’t help but stare.  It looked so good.  SO GOOD.  So polished and finished.Well, not finished, but getting there.  Much, MUCH more to come.


Catching up

The last few days around here have been a little hectic.  Rob’s folks got home from their insanely long (62 days!) cruise through the Caribbean, down the west coast of South America, Antarctica, and back up the east coast of South America.  Pretty epic huh?

They got in late Tuesday night and came home to what is now our home.  This was the moment I was scared for.  It went well, and they were pleased and surprised by all the changes that we made.  Wednesday morning was a little chaotic as far as going through our morning routines.  Overall everything is going well.  They’re out looking at apartments and condos as I type this.  I mentioned before that when we moved in here it didn’t feel weird.  It felt like our home, not someone else’s.  Now that they’re back, I feel a little weird living here.  Maybe because I’m the only one that doesn’t have a history in this house.  Sherri and Joe have lived here since before Rob was even thought of, Rob grew up here.  I don’t know.  It’s nothing anyone’s doing or saying, it’s just how I’m feeling, like the odd man out.  Things will change soon, but for now, we’re living as one big fairly happy family.

What else?  Oh, the boy has another molar coming in and it’s been wreaking havoc on our sleeping.  Poor guy.  He was up from 1-3:30 the other night just sobbing in pain.  Growing up sucks sometimes.

After bath fro

I’ve been doing some things for Max’s birthday, making a present for him and making decorations.  I’ll share more about those later.  I’m also mentally preparing myself for the mess of craziness that is to ensue.  Everything always happens at once, right?  When it rains it pours.

Little Shower of Horrors

One of my most favorite things about this house is the claw foot tub.  When I was pregnant Rob would bring me over here just so I could soak in it, I couldn’t fit in ours very well, pregnant or not.  One of my biggest problems with this house is that there is no shower in the main bathroom, just the tub, and the shower downstairs in the basement looks like something out of horror movie.

It’s dark, dingy, and small.  And there’s one of those red heat lamps right outside the shower door, which really adds to the whole horror movie ambiance.

Since we’ve moved in we’ve made a list of projects that are a priority, and installing a shower head in the main bathroom was my main priority.  Since we’re working with a claw foot tub we couldn’t just go to Home Depot and get a new shower head.  We needed piping to run the water up, and we needed a method of hanging shower curtains.  We went to the fancy George Morlan Plumbing showroom in the Pearl a couple of weekends ago.  They had exactly what we were looking for, but for like four times the price we were willing to pay.  I mean, $1200 for a faucet and shower head?  Come on.  So, we hit the Google hard searching for a more affordable option.  And we found one!  Home Depot sells a whole package deal, the faucet, shower head, curtain rods and plumbing.  Rob hooked it up yesterday and last night I broke in our new shower!

Oh, it is so great to shower in better lighting (this bathroom is also fairly dark), and have enough room to shave my legs!  Only issue is the having to have a million shower curtains to cover all the edges, and I’m cheap and I bought the Target brand and they’re way too long and not wide enough, so now I’ll need four shower cheap-o curtains (Ridiculous!) instead of the probably 2 moderately priced ones.  Oh well, that’s what I get for buying the Target brand, eh?  Another issue is that there is no exhaust fan in this bathroom.  For now we’ll have to open the window when showering, and soon we’ll have a fan installed.

All in all I’m ecstatic.  Eventually we’ll be doing a full overhaul on both the bathrooms, the main floor first, but for now I’m pleased as punch with my new shower.

The Green Stripe

I’m not sure why it took me so incredibly long to get around to getting this done, but it did.  And now it’s done, and I loves it!

I did some research on what the best way to go about doing this would be.  I came across this blog post on Pinterest, and it was such a huge help.

First Rob and I decided what size the stripe should be, we decided 6 inches was it.  Next I decided on where the stripe should be on the wall.  16 inches down from the ceiling was where it would start.  The next step was to mark the wall.  Now, let me tell you, this was the part I was most worried about, making sure it was even all the way across.  I had my ruler, my level and a pencil and got down to it.I’m also pretty damn good at eyeballing things like this after having worked in the photo/lab industry for 10 years, fixing crops, trimming edges.  So, needless to say my lines were sheer perfection and I can now be hired for line drawing work.

After the lines were drawn, it was time for tape.  I taped on the lines, then double-triple checked the levels.  Then, PAINT.  But not green-yet.The most helpful tip I got from the Centsational Girl blog was to put a layer of paint of the original color along the tape line before painting your stripe color to help prevent bleeding.  So that’s what I did.  I let it sit overnight, and the next afternoon the green happened.

I did two coats while the kid napped played in his crib.  I removed the tape while the paint was still wet to prevent peeling.  My lines were PERFECT.  There were a couple of spots where there was a little bit of bleeding, but overall it looks fabulous, dahling, fabulous!The walls are painted in Bright White in satin, by Sherwinn Williams, and the green wall and stripe are Green Envy in satin by Sherwinn Williams.

Max’s Room

It’s done.  Finally have things hanging on the walls, books on the new bookshelf (or on the floor in front of it), and toys in their respective places (spread across the floor).  It’s the one room I wanted to be completed first so Max would have a place to play and make a mess, without having to worry about getting lost amongst the boxes.

Let’s take at look at what I’ve done, shall we?You’ll remember that we painted the walls before moving in, the blue and the chalkboard.  The chalkboard wall is a big hit, if you can’t tell.  I’m so glad I chose the black chalkboard paint.

This chair.  I LOVE this chair.  It swivels and rocks.  I prefer it to the rocking chair, especially for those middle of the night feedings, I actually fall asleep in it.  It was in the basement, and Rob’s parents didn’t want it anymore so it became ours.

This room is a little bigger than his last room, and allows for much for play space for throwing toys and books and socks and clothes.

I hung a lot of the artwork above the changing table, where I thought it looked good, but it turns out to just be one more distraction and one more reason to not use the changing table anymore (That is in addition to the fact that diaper changes quickly turn into acrobatic displays of attempted base jumping and parkour).  I have a couple of crafty projects in mind for more artwork for here.

The two cross stitch pieces were made by my BFF Joy Bush.  You can, and should, check out her Etsy shop here!  The painting is the Mother’s Day gift from Rob, and the photo of Max and Rob on the wood plaque is my Father’s Day gift to Rob.  I took the photo of the M at the Portland Children’s Museum.  Rob constructed it at the giant Light Bright installation.  And of course there’s the Rob and Erin baby photos, where we’re posing similarly, and the photo of Max also in the same position.

The closet doors were ugly, and not very stable so I took ’em out.  The curtains are the brown ones from the living room at the old house.  I don’t think they’re permanent, but I can’t find anything else I’d like to put there.

The shelf above the bookcase houses the vintage lunch boxes we bought before Max was born, the vintage toys (the fire engine and Cookie Pig) Rob gave Max for Christmas, Rob’s old Ernie doll, the Precious Moments figurine that topped the cake at the shower my mom threw us.  You know, the ruin-able things.

We had to get an actual bookcase (a Billy Bookcase from Ikea) because his little library was growing quickly.  In fact he’s inherited my books from when I was a kid including some of my favorites There’s an Alligator Under My Bed by Mercer Mayer, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, Rotten Ralph by Jack Gantos, my series of Pudgy Books, A handful of Roald Dahl books, and the Beatrix Potter collection of books.  Oh yeah, and my card collection, in that Lion King Trapper Keeper.  I totally collected Lion King, Ren & Stimpy, and Beavis and Butt-Head cards.

We did anchor it to the wall, and it’s a good thing we did, because he is already attempting to climb it.  This is the age where that helmet would come in really handy.

On top of the bookcase sits the frames my mom got us/Max with some of my favorite photos, and the little book my mom made of Max’s first week of life.  When I want to make myself cry I look at it.  The photo of Rob and Max was taken at Kenilworth Park by our old house when he was 8ish weeks old.  The photo of Max and myself was taken on our second wedding anniversary at the Kennedy School.  The photo on the cover of the little book is the picture Rob took on his phone right after Max was born and sent out to friends and family announcing his arrival.

My only issue with this room is that it gets pretty cold.  We’re not sure if the insulation has deteriorated, or if that’s something that can even happen, or if the heat vents are blocked up a little.  In an attempt to seal the heat in I purchased one of those plastic over the window kits from Home Depot.It was super easy to put on (as opposed to the  tinted window covering we used at the old house), but didn’t do what I had hoped it would.  It definitely stops the draft, but the room is still cold, especially at night.  Now, I know you’re thinking But what about poor Max?  Isn’t he cold?  No, he’s not.  Thankfully he is his father’s son, and the kid holds heat like an oven.  He’s always warm.  I check his fat face and hands throughout the night and they’re always warm.  Eventually we may look into new insulation for the room, but not before we cross off all the other possible causes first.

I had a lot of fun putting his room together.  I wanted it to be a space where he could spend his play time, and also be a room that will grow with him.  I mean, what kid doesn’t want walls he can draw on?