Big Kid Things: The Nearly Three Edition

We’re at the end of the age of two.  That means that when he turns three he’ll be completely agreeable and well behaved all the time, right?  RIGHT?

From what I hear three is the new two.  And if that’s true then we’re in for a real treat.

I’ll start with the good: Max is potty trained!  And he has been since December!  AND! He did it all by himself!ThreeEdition_04Seriously though, he really did.  I gave him underwear, or unduway as he calls them, and he would wear them around the house and go pee in the potty (his little potty seat).  Then one day when I said he needed to put a diaper on because we were leaving the house he said no.  I panicked for a moment then told myself this day was going to come sooner or later.  So we left the house with him in underwear.  And he did just fine.  Then a few days later as he was getting ready for bed he said no to putting a diaper on for bed.  I trusted him and let him wear underwear and he woke up dry!  I was blown away.  He was ready.

He went over a month without any accidents at all.  He’s wet the bed a couple of times and recently seems to have regressed and is having accidents all the time now.  But I think that’s more of a Eff You to us because when we see that he needs to go we tell him to go and he says “No.  I don’t want to!”.  And then we argue and there’s timeouts for everyone.  And that seems to be the theme recently.ThreeEdition_03I feel like we’re living in a constant power struggle.  He knows what he can get away with and with who.  He plays me and Rob differently.  It’s kind of funny.  Except that it’s not really and some days you want to drop everything and leave.

But then he starts asking you where the cats are and unless you are myself or Rob you will have no idea what the hell he’s talking about.  You see, Max has an entire family of cats for imaginary friends.  There’s a mommy cat, a daddy cat, a Max cat and a baby cat and they are all named Tree.  Is it their last name you ask?  Who knows.  To us they’re just the Tree cats.  They come with us everywhere and they love to play chase.

While he can be just precious and talk about imaginary cats, he can also test your patience and make you feel like your brain is going to explode.ThreeEdition_01He’s opinionated and knows what he wants, or doesn’t want.  For a while anytime we asked him to do something it was “No.  I don’t want to.”  Okey dokey, Max.  We resorted to bribery, it was literally the only thing that would get him to go to the bathroom, or get dressed, or even EAT.  For the most part we’re past that, for now.  Every once in a while we have to make some sort of deal, and let me tell you that this kid can drive a hard bargain.  Now he’s really into us setting the timer on our phone for a number of minutes of his choosing.  Then he’ll do what we want when the time goes off, supposedly.  I’ve seen no evidence of this.

He’s not napping anymore, which has turned out to be okay.  Basically, he’s so tired at bedtime he just goes right to sleep.  It’s glorious!  No more sitting next to his bed for hours, no more standing outside his door for hours!  The downside?  He’s awake all day.  And in the early evening he gets pissy.  Then I get pissy.  And then I have wine.  Or beer or bourbon.  Whatever’s closest.ThreeEdition_02While he’s a pain in my backside, he’s also just the most fun right now.

Listening to him talk is incredible.  Especially after he had such a hard time with it.  He’s officially done with speech therapy and I’m so so so glad we put him in that program.

Since he’ll be three in less than two weeks we’re looking into preschool.  We visited a cooperative preschool last week and I think we’re going to sign him up.  He’ll only be there for two months, as they follow the school districts calendar.  He was shy at first but warmed up eventually and didn’t want to leave.  I know that when the time comes to drop him off there will be tears.  His and mine.  I also know that it won’t last forever and that this is the best thing for him, and me for that matter.

His 3rd birthday is five days away and I’m starting to feel all the feelings.  He has requested a red cake for his birthday and for dinner he would like hot dogs.



This is my favorite, right here.  This age.  I think.  Everyone’s all But the terrible twos.  Yeah, we’ve got that.  But when he’s not terrible he’s just the best ever.

Every morning when he wakes up he greets me with the most emphatic “HI!” and even if it’s too early to be up it just melts me.  And hugs.  So many hugs.  And he pats your back while he’s hugging you and he rests his big little head on your shoulder and I just want to hold him forever like that.Summa_02With the snuggly, warm good comes the downright awful.  He can throw a tantrum.  He can scream.  He hits, kicks, bites sometimes.  Most tantrums stem from some sort of power control.  He’s very independent and must do everything on his own.  When he isn’t able to it’s the end of everything.  He’s angry, I get angry.  There’s yelling and throwing (on his part) and tears (both of us, sometimes).  It’s not pretty and it’s not easy.  Some days I feel like he’s been sent here to test me, to see just how much I can handle and to find out what my breaking point is.

But I love him.  More than anything.2.5_1Rob and I have those moments every single day where he’s doing something so precious cute adorable that we look at each other with that look.  You know, when you’re both thinking about how you absolutely could not love him more.  He’s full of magic and love and imagination.2.5_2Imagination!  He plays pretend!  We are always pretend eating bananas and pumpkins and going to the zoo and being tigers.  And a “pwisess”.  He loves being a princess.  He picked out a tutu at a children’s second hand sale and I bought it for him.  I don’t even know where he got the idea of a princess, but somehow he did and he likes it.  And I love watching him be a pwisess.

This post was supposed to go up weeks ago but I completely forgot about it, honestly.  And then we went on vacation, Max’s first big trip!  On a plane and a boat!  More details on that will come as soon as I have the time to sit down and sift through photos.  But let’s just say that Max had the best time because of course he did.  

2.5 year old Max is great.  Plain and simple.

I’m still here.

Just really busy these days.  I have so many things to share with you lovelies, but I can’t get my head on straight and actually put my thoughts together.  I’ve got backyard projects, job/postpartum doula things, Max things and general silliness.  Soon, very soon.  For now enjoy these photos of Max.Spring_01Spring_02Spring_03Spring_04************************

Max has a sixth sense.

It was the day that the gun control legislation was blocked, two days after the tragedy in Boston, and I, like everyone else, was glued to the internet and news. I was checking up on various sites while Max sat in my lap. I opened up the Huffington Post, and if you’re at all familiar with that site you know that the front page is always headed with a large image and headline. Well, this particular image was made up of photos of all the victims of the Newtown tragedy, the article being about the gun control bill being blocked. And then this happened:

Max pointing to the screen, says: Baby.

Me: Yeah, honey. Those are babies.

Max: (Signs Sleep)

Me: Yeah, they are asleep honey.

Me on the inside: OMFG WHAT. (Also: goosebumps and chills)

I closed the computer and I hugged my baby.
How did he know? Do kids get these things? Did he actually know? Or was he just being a baby and saying and signing random things? It was slightly unnerving and I still get goosebumps thinking about it. Maybe he’ll grow up and reboot the Psychic Friends Network.


Easter with the Family

Easter.  When I think of Easter I think of getting together with family, dressing up, and having a nice dinner.  And also waking up to a basket of treats brought in the night by a bunny.  Max was visited by the Easter Bunny this year, three times.  He got THREE Easter baskets.  In them were cars, magnet toys, bubbles, and play-doh, little boy underwear (SO CUTE OMG), a pop up book and a stuffed Dumbo.  Easter_04It was a lovely afternoon spent with our family.  We had a delicious dinner in the backyard and it was just the best.  You know those days where you throw together last minute gatherings and they turn out to be really great and perfect?  It was that.  Stress free and full of happy people and things like mimosas and in Max’s case blueberries to lick off of the table.Easter_03And to make up for the not so great photos taken of us the day before at Max’s party, I had my mom snap a few of us real quick, and I’m glad I did.Easter_01Easter_02They’re not perfect, but they kind of are.  Max will never stand still and smile.  One of us will always have a ridiculous face, and that’s ok.  As long as the lighting is good and we’re being ourselves the photos will come out great, just like they did.  But good gravy I wish this kid would take one good photo for me.  Is that really too much to ask?

Hope your Easter was great!