Future Home is now Forever Home

I was driving Max home from swimming class, mentally preparing myself for what I was about to see at my house.  My stomach was in knots, my mind was racing, I was anxious.  I was thinking about that bottle of Ativan I have packed away somewhere, and how I wished I knew where it was.

I turned onto our street, SE Francis st, and very quickly I could see it; the 26 foot long UHaul.  My heart hit the floor.  My stomach jumped into my throat.  My eyes welled up.  As I got closer I could see just about everything we owned packed tightly in there with care by our good friends.  I took a deep breath and told myself ‘This is it.  It’s happening, and there’s no turning back’.

It wasn’t long after I had gotten there that the UHaul was all packed up, and our hard working friends were in their cars ready to go.  I stayed behind with Max to wait for my mom to come sit with him until everything was moved in.  I stood on the front porch holding my baby while Rob in the 26 foot long UHaul led the caravan to our new home. When I went back inside I didn’t know what to do.  The rooms were empty.

After leaving Max with my mom, and picking up pizzas for everyone it was time to actually move in.  Again, it went quickly.  And it only went quickly because of all the amazing help we had.  THANK YOU TOTALLY AWESOME SUPER FRIENDS!

Once everything was moved in, it was nearly impossible to go anywhere.

And a week later it still kind of looks like that.

A couple of things about this move:

1) I never want to not have the internet or cable ever again.  We went for four days without both, and I felt so disconnected!  I had no idea what was going on in the world, I couldn’t read my celebrity gossip, I couldn’t hate-read some of my least favorite blogs, and worst of all I didn’t get my daily dose of Roseanne or fall asleep at night watching Friends.  But now, they’re both back and I feel complete.

2) I really expected to be more emotional about this, and maybe when we’re fully done with the old house (Finally sell it, burn it to the ground, whatever), I might be.  Or maybe I won’t.  The night before the move Shauna came over with wine and we reminisced about all the amazing, life changing events that took place in this house.  It was so fitting that she came over because Shauna lived with us for two years (was it two years?  I really don’t remember).  She told me that while we’ve made a lot of memories here, we’ll create even more at our new house.  And that we’d die there.  My first reaction was Um, what?  But then I thought about it and realized that this new place was going to be our forever home.  We’re going to raise our kids there, and grow old there.  And maybe we will die there, or in whatever retirement home our kids throw us in.

Right now, I feel really good about things, about our new life in our new home.

The Beginning of the Transformation

We’ve begun work on Future Home and OMGIAMSOEXCITED.  Holy crackers I have so many things I want to do and paint and refinish and make my own.

Have I mentioned how this all came about?  I don’t remember so I’m going to tell you anyway.  About two years ago Rob’s parents mentioned us taking over the family house at some point.  They would downsize and live the downtown life along Portland’s waterfront, and we would raise the next generation of Campbell’s in the family home.  At the time neither of us were ready, but then that whole me getting pregnant thing happened and we realized how nice it would be to have more space.  So the idea became a plan.

Rob’s parents are on a nearly 3 month long cruise (to amazing places like ANTARCTICA!) and the plan is for us to move in while they’re on their trip.  Before they left we went through the house and took notes on what they wanted to keep and what they wanted to get rid of.  When they get back in March they’ll be living with us until they find a place.  So, for the time being all their belongings are being moved to the (finished) basement to make room for our stuff.

Sunday Mike and Katie came over to help clear out the living room and Max’s future room.  These are the two rooms we’d like to get painted before moving in.  We got them cleared out, and Wednesday Katie and I cleaned the walls, removed all the outlet and switch plate covers and filled in any holes with spackle.  Now, paint.

I have a love hate relationship with painting.  I love watching the change happen, but man it kills my arms and it is so.  damn.  messy.  I mean, I’m so damn messy with it.  I am determined to change my ways with this house though.  A big plus is that we’re going to remove the carpet in the living room right after we paint (hardwoods underneath), so big giant free drop cloth!  Sucky thing is, we’re painting the ceiling too, and I’ve never painted a ceiling, but I can only imagine that it’s 10x worse than painting walls.  After this I will have crazy strong arms.

So, in Max’s room (formerly Sherri’s craft room, and before that it was Rob’s old room) we’re going to be painting 3 of the walls a pale light blue, and the 4th will be painted in black chalkboard paint, and the trim will be white.  Also the ceiling.  Ugh.

In the living room we’ll be painting the the wall to the right a bold green called Envy.  The remaining three walls will be white with a stripe of the green about 3/4 of the way up the wall.  After we’re done painting we’ll be pulling up the carpet to utilize the beautiful hardwoods underneath.  Not excited to be pulling staples and tack boards out though.

Painting will begin this weekend with the help of many friends.  I’ll be on hand to document, bark orders and make sure no one is having any fun.  Stay tuned!

Favorite Things: Home Edition

In packing the house up I’ve been faced with having to say goodbye to the things that make this place special.  This is a collection of my favorite things about our house.

First up, the built ins:

Good golly, am I going to miss these.  The shelfs on either side of the fireplace housed our dvd’s and many, many picture frames.  The cabinets in the dining room are perfect for displaying family heirlooms and holding my estate sale found wine glasses.  Sadly, the shelves that once housed our dvd’s are now empty, and the cabinets in the dining room will be packed up by the end of the week.

My little retro kitchen.  If we were staying here, I would give this room some new flooring, appliances, and hardware for the cabinets.  Otherwise it’s perfect.  I love the countertops, and the beautiful wood cabinets.  I think in Future Home I want to get new countertops similar to this formica, but in marmoleum.

I am going to miss my Sex and the City Blue living room.  I know a lot of people probably can’t stand all the bold colors in my house, but I can’t get enough of it (obviously).  You know in the first SATC movie (The only SATC movie in my eyes.  That second one should be forgotten by all) when Carrie paints her apartment blue with white trim?  Well, I just fell in love with that look.  I found out the paint that was used in her apartment was Benjamin Moore’s Electric Blue, bought a can of it and got to work.  I still love the blue walls with white trim.  I also love all the switch plates and outlet covers I Mod Podged. (Cross stitching provided by my lovely BFF Joy, of Joy’s On the Side)

These glass doorknobs are just the prettiest.  Some of them are on the verge of breaking (please don’t notice future buyers!).  I wish I could take these with us.

This is Diego’s perch.  He spends most of his days up on the windowsill watching the passers by, alerting us with a wagging tail or an excited bark that someone is approaching the house.  I’m going to miss coming home and seeing Deej in the window waiting for us.  At Future Home there is an even bigger window that starts about 18 inches from the floor, so I think we’ll be seeing Deej peeking through there.

The red door.  When we were house hunting we both liked the idea of a red door.  So when we came across this place with a red door, we thought this was it.  A red door symbolizes good luck in a lot of cultures.  In China it’s customary to paint your door red to welcome the New Year.  In Scotland a red door can symbolize the mortgage being paid off-HA!  If only.

While these are all things I will miss, there are certainly things about this house that I won’t miss.  Like the bathroom.  The one teeny tiny bathroom with insanely unforgiving white tile.  Future Home has two full bathrooms!  2!  I will also not miss how I can hear Rob talking and working in the basement through the vents all the way upstairs.  Also, I will not miss our super sucky neighbors.

Buy my house?

I am typing this as I sit on my couch in my living room that doesn’t actually look like my living room.  The house is officially on the market now and we’ve had to make some adjustments around here to make the house look appealing to potential buyers.  You know, the staging process.  So I removed any and all photographs of people, which our house was full of.  I was pretty sad to be putting those away, but now they’re in a box at Rob’s parent’s house, which we will be living in fairly soon.  Because we’ll be living there eventually, I will now call it Future House.  Back to staging: Basically we removed a bunch of clutter.  The walls are sparsely decorated and it doesn’t even look like we live here.  Rob and I moved our bedroom downstairs and moved my craft room upstairs.  Both rooms were repainted light gray.  Rob repainted the red trim on the outside of the house and I touched up chipped paint throughout the house.  I’ve been slowly scrubbing the shit out of the grout on the bathroom floor.  I will never EVER lay down white tile.  EVER.  I washed the walls and white trim today.  I don’t think I’ve ever washed walls before.

Yesterday we got our first call from people who were interested in seeing the house.  Their realtor calls me and sets up a time to come by, and we leave the house during that time.  They came by at 9:30 this morning while Rob, Max and I were out having breakfast.  When we came home the sign was in our yard.  My heart kind of sank as we drove up to the house and saw it.  It was exciting and anxiety inducing.  It’s very real now.  At any moment someone could want to buy our house.  Please let that moment be soon.  But realistically, Rob and I both know that that time could be months from now.  Cross your fingers, pray to your God(ess), do a dance, cast a spell, stick a pin in a voodoo doll, whatever hocus pocus you believe in, send some good juju our way, will ya?

While I’m on the topic of change, I’m going to be making some changes to the old blog very soon.  She’s going to get a full makeover including a new name.

Also on the topic of change, I have to go change a crappy diaper now.

Making a move

Things are changing here at Maison Campbell.  The last month has not been easy.  First there was the accident.  Then there was the helmet drama.  Rob was sick.  I was sick.  Rob’s been working an insane amount, as well as working on a sketch comedy show.  Our car was broken into last week, my iPod was stolen and the driver’s window was completely shattered.  And just yesterday the timing belt on the truck broke.  Awesome.  I really don’t want to sit here and have a pity party, but come on!

While all of that was happening we were making a pretty big decision.  We’re selling our house.  We met with our realtor last week and decided that we’d like to have it listed by the beginning of October.  So, we’ve been working our asses off around here.  We’ve switched our bedroom and my craft room.  Now our room is next to Max’s (where he is now sleeping at night) and on the main floor.  We’ve been painting, packing, cleaning, rebuilding and more cleaning.  We’ve still got a lot of work to do, and thankfully we’ve got great friends who are willing to help us.  With a few more long days full of hard work and sweat this place will be buyer ready.

Where are we going?

Rob and I are so incredibly fortunate to have awesome parents.  And Rob’s awesome parents, Sherri & Joe, have offered us their house.  As in, they move out and we move in.  They want to downsize and move downtown and live the hustling, bustling city life.  While we want to settle down (again) and raise our little family.

We are going to get to raise our son and future kids in the house Rob grew up in.  Pretty damn cool.

The plan is that we’ll move in when our house sells, or when they move out.  Whichever comes first.  Hopefully our sells quickly, and if it does that will mean that we’ll be living with the ‘rents for a while.  But that is totes fine by me.  Luckily I like them a lot.

It hasn’t really hit me yet that we’re going to be moving out of here.  Rob and I moved in here 5 years ago.  We put an offer on the house just two days before my dad died.  We moved in here with two roommates, Milo and J-Ro.  We had second hand denim couches (ewwww), one bathroom for the four of us (again, ewwwww), our first pet chicken, Funky, and a sense of feeling pretty grown up.  The boys moved out after about two years and Shauna moved in.  We had awesome parties.  Rob and I got engaged.  We got our first dog, Diego.  We got our second dog, Rita.  We raised and lost many chickens.  We got married.  I got pregnant.  We brought our baby home.  And now we’re going to leave all of this behind and start new.

Much more to come on this.  For now, just hope that we get this place in shape for selling in time!