Fish, Birds, a Graduation and a Baby Elephant

Did you guys know Portland has a new aquarium?  It’s called the Portland Aquarium, go figure, and we went there last week.  Holy Elvis, did Max have a good time.  This kid looooooooooved it.  Aquarium_01He kept signing ‘fish’ and saying “Woooooow”.  It.  Was.  Precious.Aquarium_02There was a big tank with sting rays, fish and small sharks, including the cutest, tiniest baby hammerhead shark ever.  Every time a sting ray came by there were squeals of delight.  Then there were the Lorikeets.  Max loves looking at birds.  Every day we spend time looking out the living room window watching the birds eat out of the bird feeders.  And at the aquarium Max got to hold a bird.  And Rob got his beard cleaned.

Also last week my BFF Joy graduated from the Aveda Institute of Portland in hair design.  Remember I was her model?  They flashed my picture on the big screen and it was weird for me.  But now my Joy is a career woman with a grown up job!  I was so honored to be a part of her day and watch her accomplish her dreams and be her guinea pig.JoyGradSo on Monday when Max wouldn’t nap I told Rob I couldn’t just sit around the house because the weather was beautiful and we couldn’t waste it.  So, we went to the zoo.  We hadn’t been to the zoo since the new baby elephant, Lily, was born in November.  The elephant house was our first stop.  OMG BABY ELEPHANT LILY IS THE GREATEST EVER.  She waved to us!  With her trunk and foot!  I think I enjoyed the elephants the most.

Zoo_01Max, however, had a blast with the penguins.  We were the only ones in the penguin habitat and this one was following Max’s finger, zipping around.  It was great.  My only disappointment with the zoo was that the line for elephant ears was incredibly long.  How about you guys have more than one snack shack open at a time, huh zoo?  Next time, Erin, next time.

Let’s see, what else.  We’ve been doing a lot of playing.  A lot of puzzles, mega blocks, dinosaurs, coloring, Mr. Potato Head and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (Which is just my way of trying to curb his appetite for Elmo.  Not that Elmo’s bad, it’s just that I can only take so much of Elmo’s World, AND They Might Be Giants does the music for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so that makes it more tolerable.)Max_01The rains are back which blows.  Especially on days when little boys don’t nap.  CABIN FEVER.  So, that’s what we’ve been up to.  I’ll bet your life hasn’t been nearly as exciting as ours.


Birthday Week 2012

Up until a few weeks ago I hadn’t given a single thought to turning twenty nine, much less thirty.  But then I started thinking about it and it made sad.  Maybe sad isn’t the right word, but I think it is.  I’m just going to miss (Well, I do miss it now) the being young and stupid and reckless thing.  Not that I really need that in my life anymore but it would be nice to be able to drop everything and leave town for a few days just for fun on a moment’s notice.  I miss life before Max.  I miss life before Rob even.  I miss life before I moved out of my parent’s house.  The grass is always greener, eh?  GET OVER IT ERIN.  It’s fine.  Twenty nine will be great and 30 will be fabulous.


So I turned twenty nine last week and it was a really, really great day.  Perfect in fact.  First off I woke up to a bouquet of flowers and for lunch Rob and Max took me to the Grilled Cheese Grill, I loooooove that place.  A restaurant dedicated to grilled cheese sandwiches?  GENIUS.  While Max was napping Rob presented me with presents and a heart shaped red velvet cake!  Rob made me a cake!Birthdays_01For dinner we met my mom and Cameron and brother by friendship, Alex, at a place I’d never been, Golden Valley Brewhouse.  max ran around like a damn maniac, because that’s all he ever does anymore GAAAAAAAAHHHH.  That’s for another day.  Dinner was lovely, and the brownie/ice cream deal was great.  Birthdays_03AND THEN WE WENT TO ZOO LIGHTS.  Except when we got there the line was insanely long and I was crabby about it, but then it went fast and we got in and it was suuuper crowded but we still had fun.  You know who had the most fun though?  MAX DID.Birthdays_04Birthdays_02Oh, he just loved it.  I think we’ll go back soon but earlier in the evening so we’re not running into bedtime, but even having been up two hours past bedtime this kid did awesome.  Also, we got a zoo membership!  So we’ll be hanging there all the time.

And that was my birthday.

Friday was Rob’s birthday.  He’s so old now I’ve forgotten his age.  I had to work during the day so festivities were put on hold til after I got off.  I gave Rob his presents and we went out to eat at his family’s favorite chinese place, Kwang Chow.  It was just me and Rob and Max, our little family.Birthdays_05Saturday was Rob’s real celebration.  For the last three years Rob has made a tradition of going to play laser tag for his birthday.  So that is exactly what we did.  Our team won each game we played, duh.  I even got the highest score out of everyone playing the last game.  That’s out of like thirty people!  It was a blast, even if we were playing against a bunch of preteens.Birthdays_08(Thanks Greg for the group photo!)

After laser tag we went to dinner at our favorite Mexican joint, La Caretta where Rob and I shared a cazuela, a bowl full of liquor.  Rob and Max got to wear the birthday sombrero, which when I think about it is really disgusting and probably full of lice and somebody else’s dandruff.  Ew.Birthdays_06After all that we had a few friends over for a game night in our rumpus room (basement) which is still decorated for Max’s for Max’s first birthday party because I obviously don’t spend enough time down there to actually clean up.Birthdays_07I’d say we had a nice birthday week.  Each year all I want is to be with my family and have cake (because it’s not really a birthday without cake).  I’ve got year, well 359 days, until I turn thirty and until then I will enjoy the last days of my twenties the best way I know how, drinking white wine spritzers and watching Roseanne.

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