Pumpkin Patchin’ & Pumpkin Paintin’

One of my favorite fall activities: visiting The Pumpkin Patch. Not just any pumpkin patch, but The Pumpkin Patch.

The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island is where we go each year for our pumpkin needs. And this year my mom came with us!Last year Max was only 6 months old and didn’t care, but this year he was all about it. While he can’t say pumpkin he was “eh-ing” and pointing at them and picking them up cause he’s a toddler with super strength. It was all very precious.We came home with three pumpkins. A large, a small and a tiny one for Max’s tiny hands.

When I was a kid I remember painting pumpkins instead of carving them. So I thought Max could do the same.

Side note: Please take notice of Max pulling his diaper liner out. All. The. Time. AND, check Rita out tasting the paint. Max also tasted the paint, because why not?Painting is definitely going to be happening more often around here.
Halloween is tomorrow and I’m supersupersuper excited about Max’s costume! Stay tuned or that…


Bathroom Update

It’s been 2 (or has it been 3?) weeks since we started this and we’re getting closer to completion.  Kind of.

It seems that whenever we would start one project in there it would then require two more  projects to be complete.  That and Rob’s schedule hasn’t allowed for much bathroom work time, that and working around a sleeping baby’s schedule is kind of a pain.

So here we are.

Last time I left off when we were just getting done with the demolition.  My Brother, Cameron, came over a few days later to help us out (he’s in school getting a degree in construction right now).He and Rob worked on putting in the insulation and hanging the drywall Rob bought at Home Depot.  The drywall he got is mold resistant, which is great for a bathroom.  Cameron had to go to school so Rob was left to finish the drywall installation.

It’s really cool watching the process of building a room.  And it’s even cooler knowing that you can do it.  I’m so proud of Rob for doing all of this and doing right.

We had our contractor friend come over look at the water damaged subfloor, and he gave us the most excellent news that there’s no mold and it doesn’t need to be replaced.  Holy Hello Kitty that was so good to hear.  Luckily since we pulled the sink out weeks ago without putting another in immediately it dried up.

After about a week all the drywall was up and it was mudded and sanded, Rob had to sand down the already existing walls to break down the texture.  The new drywall was really smooth and the other walls were slightly bumpy.  Our contractor friend also mentioned that the fluffier paint roller we used when priming the walls, the more similar the texture we’d get between the two types of walls.  So we primed and said goodbye to the tiger.

The next day Cameron and Jared came over to paint.  Rob worked all day and I had to take care of the boy, so it was really nice to have these guys over to help out.  I paid them in lunch from Arby’s.The second that color went on the wall I was in love.  I chose a color called Crystal Clear from Sherwin Williams.  I wanted a light color, but not stark white.  This was light with a touch of blue (depending on the calibration of your monitor).

Throughout the week we made countless trips to Home Depot for various items, one of the big ones being floor, window, and door moulding.  We went with a pre-primed 3 1/2 inch moulding.  Rob also got his first circular saw, an investment I’m sure we’ll get a lot of use out of.  We also had to rent a nail gun and a compressor to install the moulding (In doing so, Rob had to go back to the HD twice to get the right gun and compressor because the clerk wasn’t very educated on these things and sent him home with the wrong tools. Oy.).  Rob cut all the moulding down, nailed it in, and put silicone caulk over the nails and along the edges (We were only able to install the floor moulding on the walls on the side and behind the tub, around the door and around the window.  We have to wait to install the rest because we need to put the sink cabinet in first.).  I painted them with one coat of our white trim paint.  When it was all done I couldn’t help but stare.  It looked so good.  SO GOOD.  So polished and finished.Well, not finished, but getting there.  Much, MUCH more to come.

DIY Redo: Side Table

I came across this little side table night stand thing in our basement when we first moved in.  It was one of the many things Rob’s folks wanted to get rid of.  I liked the look of it and thought if it got a little attention it could look really nice.  I’ve been thinking of putting a little table in Max’s room next to our reading chair and thought this would be perfect.

It’s made of wood and topped with laminate.  I knew I needed to sand it down in order for the paint to stick so out came the belt sander.There’s a lot of uneven edges and corners, and I don’t know how to work with those just yet.  For instance the curved detail on the legs has quite a few gouges in it.  Is there a way to fill these in?  Some of the corners on the drawer are dented and cracked.  I thought that since this is going in Max’s room it’ll get knocked around anyway, so I didn’t want to put too much effort into making it perfect.  But I do need to do some research and figure out how to fix these things.

Once I sanded it down all I did was paint!  I used leftover Green Envy from the living room, and a gray that we got for free from Sherwin Williams, it was a mis-tint.  I spray painted the existing hardware with silver spray paint I had.  So this entire project was FREE, and free is a very good price.

The Green Stripe

I’m not sure why it took me so incredibly long to get around to getting this done, but it did.  And now it’s done, and I loves it!

I did some research on what the best way to go about doing this would be.  I came across this blog post on Pinterest, and it was such a huge help.

First Rob and I decided what size the stripe should be, we decided 6 inches was it.  Next I decided on where the stripe should be on the wall.  16 inches down from the ceiling was where it would start.  The next step was to mark the wall.  Now, let me tell you, this was the part I was most worried about, making sure it was even all the way across.  I had my ruler, my level and a pencil and got down to it.I’m also pretty damn good at eyeballing things like this after having worked in the photo/lab industry for 10 years, fixing crops, trimming edges.  So, needless to say my lines were sheer perfection and I can now be hired for line drawing work.

After the lines were drawn, it was time for tape.  I taped on the lines, then double-triple checked the levels.  Then, PAINT.  But not green-yet.The most helpful tip I got from the Centsational Girl blog was to put a layer of paint of the original color along the tape line before painting your stripe color to help prevent bleeding.  So that’s what I did.  I let it sit overnight, and the next afternoon the green happened.

I did two coats while the kid napped played in his crib.  I removed the tape while the paint was still wet to prevent peeling.  My lines were PERFECT.  There were a couple of spots where there was a little bit of bleeding, but overall it looks fabulous, dahling, fabulous!The walls are painted in Bright White in satin, by Sherwinn Williams, and the green wall and stripe are Green Envy in satin by Sherwinn Williams.

Future Home: Living Room and Max’s Room

We’ve spent most of the last week at Future Home painting, painting, touching up, pulling up carpet and painting some more.

Last Saturday was the beginning of it all.  We had the help of a couple of my best girls, Katie and Joy, and got the ceiling and trim done.  Painting the ceiling was 1) soooo much easier than I thought it would be and 2) so incredibly satisfying.  Watching the yellowed and dinged color disappear under the crisp, clean white was…it just made me so glad I decided to paint it at all.

Sunday was all about walls.  The white walls in the living room and the blue walls in Max’s room.

Again, seeing the fresh white paint on those walls was so satisfying.  Both the living room and Max’s room took two coats, as predicted.  We were able to do both rooms the same day with the four of us working.

Monday was all about the accents walls.  The green wall in the living room and the black chalkboard wall in Max’s room.  Now, let’s talk about that black chalkboard wall.  I’m getting the feeling that it’s either a love it or hate it type of thing, and obviously I love it.  Rob’s worried about what his mom’s going to think about it.  I think she’ll like it too, especially once there’s chalked graffiti all over it.

Back to the walls.  I was so excited to see what both of these would look like.  I put the first few rolls of Envy green on the living room wall, and I was immediately enamored.  It. Was. Gorgeous.  I wanted to hug it.Mike and Katie took over that wall while Devo and I worked on the chalkboard wall.

I bought 3 quarts of chalkboard paint from Home Depot with the hope that that would be all I would need.  I poured an entire quart in the tray and got to work.  We were able to do one coat with that quart with some leftover.

Both walls needed to dry before applying a second coat, so we finished up the following day.  Once both walls were done, I just wanted to sit and stare at them.  I was, and am, so happy with how both rooms turned out.

I did a bad job of taking before and after photos of Max’s room.  In fact the after photo was taken with my iPod.  But you get the idea.  I love it.  I love it and I can’t wait to draw all over it with colorful chalk!

So, today after a couple of days off we returned to remove the carpet.  Rob and Mike actually had the carpet out and were pulling out tack boards and nails when Shauna and I got there.  There were still tack boards and nails and staples in the floor, but it looked beautiful.  Still glossy and untouched.

The boys left to do take care of other things and Shauna and I got every last nail, staple and tack board out of that floor.  You guys, we got really lucky here.  These floors look fabulous.  Just take a look at the before and after:Look at that shine on the floor!  All I did was sweep!  Now we’re going to have to have the wood floors throughout the house polished to look this good.

While I am more than happy with the way this room looks, we’re still not quite done.  We still need to:

-Finish painting the baseboards. The bottom half was under the carpet.

-Paint the green stripe.

-Touch up the green along the ceiling.  A little bit came off with tape.

-And eventually refinish the mantel.  I know a few people would choke me for wanting to do that, but I’m just not big on light colored wood.  I think I’d like to re-stain it a darker color.  Thoughts?


Speaking of painting that stripe, I don’t think I mentioned where my inspiration for that came from.  While we were over at Future Home a few weeks ago Rob was looking through an old photo album and pointed out a photo (pictured below) that showed what the living room looked like circa 1984ish?  Three of the walls were white (same 3 as ours) and the accent wall was orange.  There were blue and orange stripes going around the mirror on the mantel.  I immediately thought we should do the same.How adorable is little Rob there?

So that’s how that came to be.  Hopefully we’ll have the remainder of the checklist checked off by the end of the week and we can start actually moving in.  Also, it would be really swell if the weather cooperated.  Does anyone have any pull with Mother Nature?  If you do, will you please put in a good word for us?  Thanks!

Oh!  One more thing.  THANK YOU to our totally awesome friends who’ve helped us out (and will continue to).  We truly couldn’t have done it without you guys.