Max’s First Year {in video}

I put together this compilation of videos and photos of Max’s first year.  It was a fun, yet tedious, project that I’m glad I followed through with.  I had to watch a lot of videos of this kid.  Sounds rough, huh?

Big Kid Things

This guy is growing up way too fast.  Swinging on the playground swings  and sliding down the slide?  Those are big kid things, and my Max is not a big kid.  He’s a baby.  He’ll always be my baby (do do do, ah, do do do do da dum.  Anyone?).  SOMEBODY STOP TIME.  I want him to be like this forever.  OK, not forever, but a little longer alright?  Cause in a couple of years when we go to the park he’ll want to jump off the swing after he’s swung higher than the bar at the top.  And he’ll jump off and break his leg or something.  And I’ll think about the time we took him to the park when he was just 6 months old and he was all squeal-y and unable to do things like jump off swings.  But I’ll be glad that he’s a big kid and able to big kid things like jump off swings.