Halloweenie 2013ie

This year Halloween sort of took a back seat to our trip.  Being out of town for two weeks left little time for costume planning.  Early on Joy had the genius idea of me, her and Katrina dressing as the witches from Hocus Pocus.  We were all stoked for our costumes.  Until it came down to the week of Halloween where there was lots of scrambling.  Katrina and I put our costumes together the day of our friends annual Halloween party.  And you know what?  We nailed it.Halloween_04I think we were pretty spot on with our costumes.  Too bad I went from having a scratchy throat to full blown snotty, stuffy cold in a matter of 3 hours.  I felt like garbage.  Unfortunately we didn’t stay very long at the party.  We planned on going out to Rob’s bar on Halloween so we could dress up again, but then Joy was sick and our time as the Sanderson Sisters was done.

Now for Max’s costume.  We had no idea what he was going to be.  We really wanted to take advantage of this probably being the last year we could control what he dressed as so we wanted it to be good.  I had too much on my plate so Rob became the head of the Max costume department.  He chose Hulk Hogan but we couldn’t find a yellow tank top, and for some reason neither of us were really feeling it.  So we asked Max what he wanted to be.  Of course we had to explain what you do on Halloween and dressing up and trick or treating.  Then we gave him examples of costumes; witch, wizard, bat, robot.  As soon as we said robot he was all about it.  So the day before Halloween Rob carved out a couple of boxes and when I got off of work on Halloween I worked my magic with foil and construction paper and glow sticks that we’ve had in our Halloween boxes for 4 years.  And Max Bot 2.5 came alive.Halloween_02We didn’t really think about how well he could move in it so there was a lot of assistance walking up steps and holding his candy bag (Which I made!!!).  His buttons said Jump, Hi-5 and Laser.  And yes he did those things and made laser noises.  Halloween_01

Halloween_03He got the hang of trick or treating pretty quickly.  We only went to about 6 houses I think.  He got a littler overwhelmed at houses where there were lots of kids, which there were a ton of.  I don’t remember there being so many last year, but man alive our street was hoppin’.  When we got home we dumped out his bag and I separated the candy with nuts from the rest and put it away (for me and Rob).  The remaining candy went into a special bowl on the counter.  Every day if he’s well behaved and takes a nap he can have one piece after his nap.  It’s been a good incentive for napping, but definitely doesn’t always work, and no, we don’t plan on bribing him with candy forever.  Just until it’s gone, which won’t be very long if I keep eating it.

I’d say we had a pretty good Halloween  Max loved his costume and still having fun with it, wearing it and stomping on it because after all he is a destructive two year old.