Happy Whatever. We’re so tired.

Here are a few of the scenes from around these parts during this holiday season.
Xmas_03Xmas_02Our tiny vintage pom pom tree is still a big hit.  This guy can’t get enough of it.
Xmas_01We joined Rob’s parents, on a very cold and very rainy night, at their condo on the Willamette to watch the Christmas ships pass by.
Xmas_04We payed a visit to our favorite Santa in town, with Katrina and Ian in tow, and Max wasn’t so into it.  But every kid has a photo crying with Santa, right?  The upset of being forced to sit on Santa’s lap was nothing a little pigeon chasing couldn’t fix though.

We have been very blessed this year with a roof over our heads, our health, and a supportive family that I can’t thank enough.  It’s also been a tough year.  Financially, emotionally, and mentally but we made it through.  This is the time of year where we put all that behind us and celebrate being together, being a family and being grateful for what we have.  And we are, we are sososososo grateful.  We are also tired.2012ChristmasCard_01