All About Erin

I’m a first time stay at home working mom to a feisty little monster named Maxwell, born in March of 2011.  Nearly 4 years (whaaat?) married to a karaoke-ing Rob.  We’ve set up house in Rob’s childhood home in Milwaukie Oregon where we’ll raise our family, renovate, and grow old.  We’ve got dogs and chickens and dust bunnies galore.  I spend my days making sure the monster doesn’t hurt himself, working a retail job, and becoming a postpartum doula.

I started this blog in 2009 to document my photo a day for a year project.  I failed at that.  Ok, I didn’t fail, I quit.  It’s better to be a quitter than a failure, right?  After 6ish months of it, it wasn’t fun anymore.  There was no more creativity.  So it became a place to share life type things in general, creative ideas and projects, all accompanied by photos.  Many, many photos.DSC_0365E

I enjoy being crafty and I’m really just getting into sewing.  Photography is my favorite.  I love cheese and cheap white wine mixed with Sprite.  I’ve been playing dodgeball for 3 years now, and have won a handful of championships.  I’m very passionate about everything pregnancy and baby related, caesarean awareness, and I’m in the process of becoming a postpartum doula.  I want to be best friends with Roseanne, Tori Spelling and you.

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