This is what happens when your bathroom sink pipes leak…

Let’s start from the beginning: Last week I was washing my face in the sink and my toes hit the platform that holds the sewing machine turned sink.  My toes got wet, and I was all What the eff is going on here?  I told Rob I was going to tear up the carpet to see if the wood underneath was wet to make sure it wasn’t wet from spilling water on the outside.  I didn’t care about tearing up the carpet because we were planning on replacing the whole system eventually.

I tore up a corner and saw the above.  I thought Oh shit, the water’s underneath the flooring now.  Which it was.  This was all making sense because for a while whenever I would sit outside the tun to bathe Max the rug would get wet, but not from his bath, from me sitting on the floor.  You see, water was coming up through the floor.  Awesome.

I still didn’t know where this was all originating from (No I did not check the pipes first.  Probably should have, but I was just a little  too excited to tear up that carpet).  I ran the water and watched the pipes and sure enough there was a leak.  It was a small leak, but it had been leaking for so long that it had gone through the carpet, through the wood platform, and gotten nearly two feet away from the sink underneath the flooring (which is plastic “wood”).

I told Rob’s parents about it when they came over the next day and Sherri, Rob’s mom, informed me that she removes the pipes every three months to clean them.  Is this something people do?  I was so confused, I had never ever heard of anyone taking their plumbing apart to clean regularly.  Basically this leak was caused because the pipes were not put back on tight enough.


We decided shortly after discovering this that we would replace the sewing machine sink with a new (used) sink cabinet, with storage and counter space.  So yesterday we went to the Rebuilding Center to look for a new (used) cabinet.  We found a couple of things that might work, but need to measure where the pipes sit on the wall to see which cabinet would work best.

Last night Rob took the whole mess out, and it looks like now we might be replacing a lot more than just the sink.

The subfloor is soaked and warped, and there’s still a lot of water between the subfloor and fake wood that needs to dry out.

We’ve made a call to someone to come take a look and help us with whatever our next step is.  For now we’ll be brushing our teeth and washing our hands in the kitchen.


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